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You Already Have What it Takes to . . .

  • Neutralize Toxic Fear

  • Vanquish Paralyzing Uncertainty

  • Quell Debilitating Anxiety

  • And create the relationships, the abundance, and the rich experience of life you have yearned for!

. . . You Just Need to Awaken It and I Can Show You How!

Are you ready to commit your time, attention and resources to making the evolutionary quantum leap from being at the effect of life, to becoming a fully conscious co-creator with the Source of all life?

Are you willing to accept the responsibilty that comes with taking charge of your life as a Master of your destiny rather than being a helpless victim of your Fate?

Do you accept that your consciousness is a magnetic force that draws to you people, circumstances, and situations that match the energetic broadcast of your physical, emotional and mental energy systems?

Would you like to learn to let go of the past in order to take charge of shaping your future?

Are You Ready For a Quantum Leap in Consciousness?

The Premium Awakening Your Light Body Personal Coaching Program combines the step-by-step method of learning how to sense and manage subtle energies with a coaching program tailored just for you so that you can fast-track the activation and development of your intuition.

Having me by your side as you become conscious of the programs and patterns that scramble your energy systems, provides powerful support as you consciously re-shape your current life circumstances into the life your heart and soul are yearning for!

By learning how to be conscious of your intuitional messages that come to you through the subtle energies within your systems, you can bring more clarity and certainty into your everyday life.

You will learn a set of skills and tools to enable you to become more aware and conscious of the subtle energies within yourself and in your environment, and to harmonize with them so that you experience your daily life from a place of stability and inner peace.

You can create positive and lasting results as you do this. As you experience higher states of consciousness you can feel more balanced, stable, clearheaded, creative, and gain a new perspective on life, while developing your intuition, your clairvoyant sight, psychic, and healing abilities.

  • Are you feeling a strong, inner desire to make significant changes in the way you experience your life?

  • Would you like to develop your intuition, expand your consciousness, deepen your sense of your life’s purpose and grow in your ability to connect to your own inner knowing?

  • Are you ready to learn to merge your willpower with your heart and mind for balanced, harmonious living?
If you are on a path of accelerated self-growth, and answered “yes” to the above questions, you are invited to request a free 20 minute telephone call with me to see if this is the right program for you. Just complete the information box below and click the "I Am Interested!" button. I will get back to you in 24 - 48 hours.

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What clients are saying . . .

Following the completion of the light body class my massage practice soared . . .

Although I had been a meditator for many years, it wasn’t until I took the light body class from Jennifer that I made a solid connection with the wisdom of the Universe. Following the completion of the awakening your light body class my massage practice soared. It was then I realized that the state of my consciousness was more important than my marketing expertise.                    

Ginny DeasonNancy Solara Gardner
Vancouver, BC

What is the Light Body?

The light body consists of ten energy centers, which when consciously activated, bring higher, finer frequencies of light into your physical, emotional and mental energy systems. This expanded consciousness allows you to more easily access your intuition and opens your channel to more clarity and certainty when making everyday choices and decisions.

These energy centers exist at a higher level of vibration than the chakras, and have different functions and capabilities.

Awakening Your Light Body is a creative and supportive process that contributes to having a stronger sense of personal power and a greater ability to control your emotions, stay centered, release old blocks, and stuck emotional energy, and respond with love and compassion.

As you awaken your light body you will learn how to get into states of consciousness where you can more easily choose actions that reflect the light of your soul and higher self rather than your ego.

What clients are saying . . .

My intuition has increased tremendously and I am able to manifest what I need when I need it . . .

I incorporated Light Body into my spiritual practice over 10 years ago under the direction of Jennifer Grainger. My Light Body practice has deepened my spiritual connection and brought much peace, joy and prosperity to my life over the years.

My intuition has increased tremendously, and I am able to manifest what I need, when I need it. Even during very stressful times, like family illness and uncertain economic times, through my Light Body practice I am able to stay centered and focused on the abundance that is available to us from the Universe. I highly recommend the Light Body course to anyone who wants to feel more peace and harmony in their everyday lives.

Leah SilvestreKaydee Brady
Senior Manager
Santa Clara, CA

Why Awaken Your Light Body?

Awakening your light body brings higher, finer frequencies of light into your physical, emotional, and mental energy systems.This can remove the blinders from your intuition so that you more easily recognize the limiting beliefs, false ideas and self-sabotaging patterns that have been out of sight, but very much in charge of running your life!

The human brain has been evolving for eons and we, as a species, are in the midst of another evolutionary leap. This is the leap from living within the limiting confines of what the five senses can detect and the intellect (the lower mind) can comprehend, into living from the expanded awareness available through a fully functioning intuition in partnership with the logical/rational mind (the higher mind).

Awakening Your Light Body is a process of expanding consciousness that liberates your Intuition and accelerates the evolutionary development of your higher mind.

Go here to learn more about the evolution of the human brain.

The Awakening Your Light Body Class Was Transformational for me in so many ways . . .

The gradual awakening over the six month period opened my senses to seeing my own energy field. And learning how to work with it has been a big boost in experiencing an improved sense of well-being.

The training has also started me on a meditation practice, which has had its own benefits.

But perhaps the most dramatic, tangible change was the impetus to make a major change in my career that I'd known for several years I needed to make, but until I took the light body class, I'd never quite been able to gather the mental, emotional, and physical strength to face such a big change.

After the light body class, the move happened so easily and effortlessly I knew it was the result of the changes I'd made in myself during the class.

I recommend this course to anyone who feels stuck in any area of their life. Much will be revealed. All of which will change your life.

Leah SilvestreBrock Armstrong, CPA
Lodi, CA

What Will Understanding, Using, and Awakening Your Light Body
Do For You?

Awakening Your Light Body can help you:

  • Replace confusion with clarity
  • Open your heart
  • Attract loving relationships
  • Create new business/career opportunities
  • Be more focused, mentally alert, and physically vibrant
  • Make a difference in the world as you grow more radiant with love and light
  • More easily choose how you want to feel, and the thoughts you want to think

If you are a writer, musician, artist, teacher, therapist, healer, or in any creative field, awakening your light body can assist you in achieving the inspired and intuitive state of consciousness needed to excel at your work. If you are teaching or working with others, it will help your work to have a more profound effect and to make you more magnetic to clients and students.


What clients are saying . . .

Relationships, business, and spiritual growth just work better when I use the light body processes . . .

Awakening my light body gave me the tools to work on my life’s issues and desires. It can produce amazing results and insights effortlessly. It is liberating to know that I can manifest anything energetically. Relationships, business, spiritual growth just work better when I use the light body processes. Especially in these times where things seem so out of control you can sit on your yoga mat and meditate the chaos away. Light Body is powerful!

Jennifer is a skilled and loving teacher who held a beautiful space for me as I awakened my light body. I recommend the Awakening Your Light Bodyclass to anyone who wants to accelerate their spiritual growth and experience more Joy and less struggle in their daily lives.

Leah SilvestreDiann Ruiz
Stockton, CA


Awakening Your Light Body Can Improve Your Personal Relationships

As your energy becomes more beautiful and radiant, people will act and think in higher, more loving ways around you without your trying to change them. Your heart will be more open, and you will understand what it means to love as your higher self and soul.

As you work with the light body centers you can learn to become transparent to lower energies and choose inner peace more often. If you are around children, these energies can help them stay calmer and more focused.

You can develop your clairvoyant sight, psychic, and healing abilities as you awaken your Intuition and open the channel between you, your higher self, soul, and/or guide.

Working with these light body centers can enhance any other path or techniques you are using and enjoy. They can greatly enhance any other therapeutic techniques you have chosen.

It is easy to awaken your light body. The energy centers that power the light body are definite and real. You can feel and work with them, creating positive and lasting results as you do this. You can go higher, feel more balanced, stable, clearheaded, creative, and gain a new perspective on life.

As you awaken your light body and expand your consciousness, you will still have challenges and lessons that are opportunities for growth. However, as you become more radiant and filled with light, you will have more skills to move through these experiences with more JOY and less struggle, with more confidence and less fear.

What clients are saying . . .

Jennifer is an insightful, thoughtful & wonderful instructor . . .

I took the awakening your light body class in the early 90s and I still use it nearly every day whenever I need more energy or want to feel more peaceful. Jennifer is an insightful, thoughtful and wonderful instructor. I always learn something important when I take a class with Jennifer.

Leah SilvestreLynn Telford-Sahl
Health and Wealth Coach

Modesto, CA

This Program Is For Those Who Want To AwakenTheir Intuition,Take Charge of Their Lives, Carve Away What Is Not Working, And Re-Shape What Remains Into A Life They LOVE!

Learning to interact with life at the energy level gives you a greater opportunity to take charge of your life, and handle obstacles and challenges from a place of inner-peace and trust in the overall goodness of life.

Having me as your personal coach accelerates your learning while you are developing your intuitional skills and learning to trust in your own inner compass.

Having a guide who knows the way lets you move faster and more directly to your goal.

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I was born an ordinary person with no apparent connection to my intuition. I was dense as mud. Not only did I NOT have a connection with my intuition, I was completely disconnected from my emotions, my feelings, my heart's desires, and my soul's destiny.

That is, until 1989 when I was introduced to the idea that there is a reality of subtle energies that exists outside the awareness of our five senses and rational mind, but is clearly discernable when you have developed the "eyes to see and the ears to hear."

Believe me, if I can go from dense as mud to highly attuned to my intuition AND my spirit guides, anybody can. With the right training, and the willingness to practice what you learn, you can access this higher wisdom, too.

At this critical time of transformation I am here to teach other "ordinary" people like myself what I have learned so that you too can live with confidence and Joy, and a minimum of fear and struggle as we shift out of a three dimensional perspective into a fourth dimensional perspective that includes awareness of the sea of subtle energies in which we live.

The more conscious you become, the more you can see/sense/feel/know that what we call reality is simply patterns of light and information (energy) coalesced into material form.

Awakening Your Light Body is a process of breathing life into your intuition, and becoming conscious of aspects of life force energy that you are not now conscious of, both those on the earth plane and those that exist in higher and higher dimensions.

It means acquiring the ability to go into higher dimensions and be aware of them and how energy works there. As you do this it transforms your life in profound ways. Everything begins to shift. You grow in your ability to add light to everything about you as you create increasing levels of order in the energy that you are, and the energies all about you.

This Work is Foundational to Developing a Fully Functioning Intuition!

What clients are saying . . .

The Light Body class has given me a priceless tool to add to my toolbox . . .

The Light Body classes have helped me in every aspect of my life. My relationships are better because I am not trying to "fix" or "help" as many people . . . I have a go-to tool to rein in my "caretaking" identity and to connect with myself and the world around me in a much more useful way.

My finances are under construction and an area I will continue to work on, but the tools have helped me relax and flow with what is and I can't even put a price on that.

My health is wonderful.

The Light Body class has augmented my coaching, NLP and hypnosis training by giving me a specific energy tool to add to my linguistic and logic tools. Oddly enough . . . I didn’t know just how much I needed these tools!

And you, Jennifer Grainger, are a delightful teacher! It's like being held in gentle, but capable hands to learn in your presence. I am quite selective about my instructors. I would recommend you to anyone who is ready to take another step into their spiritual awakening, whatever level they are at, or wish to ascend.

It has always been my pleasure to spend time and experience learning with you.

Thanks for asking,

Ann Ramirez
Life and Business Coach
Sacramento, CA

The Premium Awakening Your Light Body Personal Coaching Program

Awakening Your Light Body is a six-step process, taught over a
six month period.


Month 1 - Step 1
Building Your Power Base

Start to transform your life and consciousness as you awaken your light body. Directly experience many higher, expanded states of consciousness. Awaken the first three vibrational centers, creating the power base for your light body. When these centers are awakened, you can stay calm and peaceful, change your emotional and personality reactions to others. More . . .

Month 2 - Step 2
Opening Your Heart Center

Awaken your heart center to create flow and assist you in experiencing love. Learn how to send the power you have been generating in your lower centers into your higher ones. Experience compassion for yourself and others as you clear other people’s energy from your aura. More . . .

Month 3 - Step 3
Activating Your Higher Energy Centers

Awaken your upper energy body centers. Awaken your higher mind for heightened creativity. Experience more positive and unlimited thoughts, connect with the Universal Mind, more easily manifest what you want. More . . .

Month 4 - Step 4
Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies

Learn how to combine certain centers to create heightened states of awareness. Become even more aware of subtle, higher energies, and add higher frequencies to your energy systems. You will learn how to combine certain energy body centers that you have awakened in months 1 through 3 of this course to create heightened, expanded states of awareness. You can be more aware of subtle, higher energies and learn how to make these energies a part of your life and consciousness. Doing so raises your vibration and can bring you more joy, harmony, peace, balance, flow, supply, and energy. More . . .

Month 5 - Step 5
Awakening Your Light Body

Learn the first two light body centers, which, when awakened, can assist you in experiencing states of bliss, inner visualizations, feelings, and sensations that are beautiful beyond words. You will clear your energy field (aura) and fill it with light. You will receive the transmissions of sounds and frequencies that awaken your first two light body centers. More . . .

Month 6 - Step 6
Becoming Radiant

The last light body center enhances your ability to experience the oneness, where you can know bliss and joy. This center connects you directly with light. It regulates, filters and integrates light as you bring it in. You will become a radiating source of light as you open and work with this center. With the awakening of this center you are taking an evolutionary leap and your personal power, ability to change your environment, positively affect others, and exist in higher states of consciousness is increased. More . . .

What Can I Expect?

Awakening Your Light Body does not involve a prior skill with meditation or higher states of consciousness, but simply a willingness to practice, be playful and inventive, and make a commitment to expanding your consciousness and awakening your intuition.

I started from square one in 1989 when I was part of the original Awakening Your Light Body seed group taught by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman.

One of the things people say about me as a teacher is that I am a "normal" person they can relate to because I teach from a place grounded in everyday life. I show you how to activate your "inner eyes and ears" that see and hear what your physical eyes and ears cannot.

It is your intuition that allows you to be aware of the subtle energies that are beyond the capability of your five senses to detect and your rational mind to understand.

You will be building your consciousness to access greater levels of awareness, a skill that is foundational to taking charge of any environment you find yourself in by harmonizing with the energies around you, and not being adversely affected by denser ones.

As you awaken your light body you can become transparent to lower energies and choose inner peace. As you learn and develop your light body skills, you can become more attractive to abundance, loving relationships and career opportunities aligned with your soul and your life purpose. You will be taught many skills to help you grow with more Joy and less struggle as you deal with your issues as they arise.

The light body experience is compatible with, and can strengthen and deepen your experience of, any other practices and beliefs you have.

What clients are saying . . .

I've learned to manage my physical, emotional and mental energies . . .

Learning to manage my physical, emotional, and mental subtle energies, and learning how to bring harmony to any situation I find myself in has been a tremendously powerful gift in my life. I am so grateful to Jennifer for teaching me how to awaken my light body.

Leah SilvestreLinda Judson
Lodi, CA.

What Is The Process?

The process of becoming consciously aware of the energy centers associated with a fully awakened light body works through sound and meditation to take you into successively higher dimensions and, most important, teaches you how to get there on your own.

The Awakening Your Light Body class material was originally channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman of LuminEssence through their guides, DaBen and Orin, and taught just that one time to a small seed group in 1989, of which I was a member.

What clients are saying . . .

The breakthroughs I had were profound . . .

I am loving being a Light Body graduate. The comraderie we have as a group is amazing. There is so much love and so much fellowship with everybody. The breakthroughs I had were profound! The way you share your own experiences, Jennifer, just adds to the wonderful experience. I look forward to our next Light Body Graduates Only gathering when I can re-connect with my beautiful "family of light!"

Leah SilvestreTonja Stanton
Stockton, CA

What You Get . . .

  • Three 1 hour one-on-one telephone sessions with me each month. In our call I will introduce that month's vibrational energy body centers, and coach you on how to use what you are learning to deal with everyday situations from a higher perspective.

  • 72 guided meditations guaranteed to awaken your intuition in ways you never dreamed possible. These powerful, consciousness-building meditations, channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman, and their guides, Orin and DaBen are packaged in 6 CD albums with spiral bound meditation transcripts.

  • You've never heard guided meditations like these before. These are not sappy, ethereal meditations to distract you from daily life. No matter if you are struggling with relationships, job, livelihood, or your connection to spirit, these potent meditations can shave months, or even years, off your growth timetable.

  • Completion of this program makes you eligible to attend the Light Body Graduates Annual Attunement Day, usually held on the first Saturday in December. You can share this once-a-year experience with others who have claimed the gift of awakening their intuition through the Awakening Your Light Body Program.

  • You will also be eligible to attend the monthly Light Body Graduates Only gathering. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of each month where we continue to journey into the expanded states of consciousness that light up your intuition, connect you with your Spirit Guides, and take you into your own deepest wisdom to access the inspiration and clarity that supports your confidence in charting your destiny, and eliminating the struggle you experience in dealing with your toughest issues.

  • You will receive a copy of my book, "Becoming Conscious: One Woman's Story of Spiritual Awakening," that chronicles my very skeptical journey into exploring the unseen, but very real world of spirit.

  • And lastly, you'll receive my love and support as you transform your experience of life from struggle, limitation and repeating patterns that have you going in circles, into having instant access to divine guidance in every situation you encounter.


The Premium Awakening Your Light Body Personal Coaching Program may be paid in one payment of $1950, or in 3 monthly installments of $685.

As a client in the Premium Awakening Your Light Body Personal Coaching Program you are entitled to receive a $100 discount off the retail price of the six volume Awakening Your Light Body Home Study Course channeled by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman and their guides, Orin and DaBen. The CD version retails for $554. The downloadable mp3 version retails for $494. You can deduct $100 from these prices.

I promise you that this Home Study Course will remain a core consciousness expanding resource for YOU throughout your life!

I have had my Home Study Course set for almost twenty years, yet I get something new and profound everytime I revisit these journeys. As the evolutionary frequencies continue to penetrate our atmosphere, and the veils between the dimensions become thinner, your ability to see what had previously been invisible expands.

When what was previously hidden in the subconscious mind comes into the light of consciousness, profound change is possible.

Each time you listen to the journeys from your Home Study Course you will expand your consciousness to the next level that is made possible by the higher and higher frequencies that are coming to earth.

You'll receive 72 guided meditations divided into six volumes. These include:
  • Opening Creativity and Receiving Insights
  • Changing Your Thoughts
  • Journey to Past Lives
  • Self Healing
  • Expanding Your Aura
  • Working on Relationships as Energy
  • Working on Abundance Issues as Energy
  • Transforming Your Personality
  • Journey to the Temple of the Masters

Printed transcripts of each of the 72 guided meditations are included with the CD Home Study Course set.

What clients are saying . . .

The Awakening Your Light Body class opened me up to a whole new world. I am able to trust my own knowing better and I’m much more calm and relaxed. I don't let 'stuff' bother me anymore.

Rita Koehnen
Lodi, CA

This Path Requires Time and Energy and Greatly Accelerates Your Growth, So Make Certain You Are Ready for this Kind of Commitment and for a Quantum Leap.

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About the Teacher

Jennifer GraingerJennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc., Consciousness Coach and Visionary, was initiated into the Awakening Your Light Body process in 1989 as a member of the original Light Body seed group.

She has been teaching the Awakening Your Light Body course since 1993 and has also completed the advanced Light Body courses. She holds a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree, and is the founder of the online spiritual growth website: www.SpiritualGrowthCommunity.com


Jennifer Grainger
Jennifer T. Grainger
, B.Msc.
Life SculptorSM

Carving away what is not working. Soulfully re-shaping what remains.
Founder of www.SpiritualGrowthCommunity.com

Coaching You While You Become the Woman You Were Born to Be!