You never run out of money, you only run out of ideas

January 7th, 2013 by Jennifer Grainger

It has been an embarrassingly long time since my last edition. Please accept my profuse apologies!

Did you miss me? Or perhaps this is your first issue, which in that case . . . Welcome!

I’ve been traveling at warp speed for more than a year since I picked myself up from total failure in my previous entrepreneurial ventures, where I was, not so graciously, making every possible business mistake so you wouldn’t have to.

That wasn’t my intention, of course, but as my mentor says “what doesn’t kill you makes a great story from the stage,” which is only amusing in retrospect!

Your Marketing Essentials TIP for today:

There is something way more important to your success than whiz bang, latest and greatest, new and improved marketing strategies (let’s see, did I leave out any clichés?) and that is . . .

. . . the state of your mind set. If you are buying into the gloom and doom of mass media, and believing that there is something outside of you, like the economy or unfair competition or government regulations or whatever . . . as being the source of business difficulties you might be having, then you are missing out on the most powerful source of business success available to you this very minute!

Although it is absolutely essential that there be no unrecognized gaps in your knowledge of what it takes to create, market and run a business (because the most detrimental lack of knowledge is when you don’t know what you don’t know, because there is no way to remedy that), and if you are adequately exercising good business practices, and your products or services are providing the promised outcome, then there is one more thing, that if it is missing, none of the other stuff will make up for it.

No one told me what that one thing was. It just came to me one day in a “divine download.” I was wracking my brain as to why, after all the time, money, blood, sweat and tears I’d spent following various business gurus who promised I’d have the same phenomenal success they’d had if I just did what they did, how could it be that I was failing so miserably?

I tell you it was a slap-myself-on-my-forehead moment when I clearly “saw” it was not so much what the gurus were doing, as much as it was who they were being. It wouldn’t have mattered what road they took. They would have succeeded no matter what. It was their mind set and the willingness to do what it takes to succeed (and failure not being an option) that kept them on the train to success until they finally figured out a formula that worked for them.

This was one of those good news, bad news eye-openers. . . good news because it meant if I made changes to myself at the being level, I could leave failure behind and get on the success train, too.

The bad news was I would have to change myself at the being level, and I didn’t know how to do that.

But you know what? As soon as I had the realization that I needed to change from the inside out, and expressed my willingness to do thatthe Operator of the Universe immediately lined up the resources I needed and placed them squarely on my path.

Along with being led to filling in the gaps of what I didn’t know that I didn’t know about how to market my business and getting the (massively expensive) education I needed (which I now teach my clients), I also came across the book Spiritual Economics, by Eric Butterworth. That is where I learned that “you never run out of money, you only run out of ideas.”

And that changed everything . . . because every time I was stuck, either with “no money” or not knowing what to do next, I’d sit myself down in my meditation chair, and stay there until a clear direction revealed itself (which it always does).

BTW when I hear people say they have no money what they really mean is that don’t have as much money as they want in the moment. If you have even one penny, you do have money. So given that what we think about we bring about, saying we have no money invites the universe to match that thought which perpetuates being broke.

One time last year when I was really broke, I plopped myself down in my meditation chair and sat there ‘til I got the idea to clear out the garage to see what I could sell. I came across an old strongbox I’d forgotten I had. In it was a bag of quarters that had been given to me years ago that I had set aside to go through “some day” to see if there were any that might have collectible value. I took the bag of quarters to the coin store. There was one quarter that was worth $63. Wow!

Without a word, and with an impish smile, the proprietor dumped the rest of the quarters into a machine that looked like a giant coin sorter. Then she wrote a dollar amount on a piece of paper, and with the same impish grin on her face, handed it to me.

Seems these old coins had significant silver content, which I gladly traded for several nice sized piles of hundred dollar bills.

Double WOW!

Though that sort of event has not repeated itself, I have always received a worthwhile idea when I needed one.

If you have trouble quieting your mind to receive inspiration when you are in need of a good idea of what to do next, I invite you to download my guided meditation called “Sitting in the Stillness” that I recorded in the late 90s. It is still one of my favorites. You can access a link to download it in the P.S. at the bottom of this newsletter.

Because we live in an ebb and flow universe, we all experience unexpected expenses, sales revenue dry spells, and satisfied customers who get the results they were after and then move on, leaving a hole in the accounts receivable, just to mention a few of the financial challenges in the life of the entrepreneur.

So the idea came to me that maybe YOU could use a good idea right about now. If that’s true, I invite you to request a complimentary 30 minute telephone marketing strategy consultation with me. In the consultation I will ask you where you are now in your business and where you’d like to be. Then I’ll offer you some tips and suggestions on how to get there. Who knows, you might get one of those “divine downloads” for yourself in the process.

That happened just the other day in a client session. I got a “divine download” for my client that so intrigued her that she wrote a rough draft of an article that she thought she might use some day. Lo and behold the very next day a rep from a local publication dropped by her store to ask if she could write a column for an upcoming issue. When my client revealed the topic she had just written about, the rep’s mouth dropped open and her eyes got wide. “That would fit perfectly in the next issue!”

When I asked my client if it was OK to mention this story in my newsletter, she not only said “yes,” she said to mention her name and contact information. She thought you might be interested to hear what this intriguing “divine download” idea was, and she’d love to tell you.

So here goes . . .

Dr. Eunice Green

Green’s Nutrition and Health Food Store

1906 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA


Give her a call, or drop by the store. She said she’d love to hear from you.

And if you’d like to make an appointment for that complimentary strategy session with me, you can email me,, or call me at 209-369-6188.

I’d love to see what insights show up for YOU!

BOTTOM LINE:You have within you the power to gain direct access to the Operator of the Universe who is always sending you guidance. It is just hard to hear through the static of constant distractions and busy-ness. Developing the ability to sit quietly and really, really listen is vital to your success in this rapidly changing world. If you want to be in the right place at the right time when the “shift” hits the fan, there is no better insurance than a clear channel to your divine guidance, whatever you may call it.

So that’s it for this issue. See you in my next newsletter on November 28th.



P.S. Here is the link to the Sitting in the Stillness Guided Meditation. I am happy to have you share it, just please mention that it came from me. Thanks

So how is it going for you? Was there anything in this newsletter that triggered some thoughts, questions or comments? Click here to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

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