Making the Shift from Being Outer-Directed to Inner-Directed

August 9th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Just like most of you, I am in the midst of major transitions, both
internally in my personal and spiritual growth, and externally in
restructuring my right livelihood (business restructure).

One of the reasons you haven’t heard from me in a while is I’ve
been in spiritual boot camp for the last several months. That’s
where spirit kicks the sh*t out of you to demand that you step into
being the person you were born to be.

Turns out that all these years I’ve been hiding behind my website,
my guides and my writing, thinking I could do what I came to do
without risking the visibility and vulnerability that comes with
public speaking.

It is so much easier to just close my eyes, open my mouth and let
the Ascended Masters speak through me. Yet it became clear
that my mission is to go public
to let people know how to shift from being outer-directed (living from the programming we got as kids) to being inner-directed (reconnected to our 6th sense/inner-wisdom) and living the life we were born to live.

What makes me a credible expert in that department is that I was born an
ordinary person with no discernable psychic abilities. Seriously, I was
dense as mud at the beginning of my journey,
and I’ve had to work at developing my psychic abilities so that I could honestly say, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

At the moment, I am sort of in the “drying my butterfly wings” stage of
being a public speaker.
I did two presentations in the past two weeks . . .
both on the topic of Unleashing Your Natural Knowingness.

Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. Tough as spiritual boot camp
was, having lived through it (what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, haha)
it is exciting to be on this new adventure.

My focus has expanded from creating a safe haven for solitary spiritual seekers to gather with like-hearted people through the Spiritual Growth Community, to getting out there and shouting from the rooftops . . .

Hey, people, wake up!

You are powerful co-creators in your own life and you don’t even know it!

Your attention has been directed away from who you truly are!

Come learn how to see, sense and hear the reality that is beyond the ability
of your five senses to detect and your rational mind to understand!

That’s what my first mentor, Judy Reis, did for me in 1989.

Feedback I got from my first two talks made me realize I’d forgotten how daunting it is to make the shift from being outer-directed to being inner-directed.

When I spoke of the values and concepts that I take for granted today, I forgot how unsettling and mind-blowing these concepts were to me when they were new.

So I have a lot to learn on how to convey to people that the emerging new paradigm is upon us, and not only will the old values not serve us, they will get in the way of being able to safely “surf the chaos and navigate the flow” in these evolutionary times.

I’ll be doing lots more public speaking, and offering new teleclasses and
workshops as well as making more space to do one-on-one coaching with people ready to fast track into living the life they were born to live instead of the life they were trained to live.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for your email invitations to join me on the 1st and/or 3rd Wednesday evenings each month at my home in Lodi, or the 4th Wednesday of each month in Stockton at Dragonfairy metaphysical store for the Oasis in the Midst of Chaos gathering where I am totally in my comfort zone (ahhh) of channeling the Ascended Masters and leading guided meditations to connect with your own inner wisdom. Give me a call if you have questions. 209-369-6188.

THE BOTTOM LINE REMAINS THE SAME: We are in a time of extremely rapid change. Life as we have know it is all but over. We are on the threshold of a new beginning that offers the opportunity to create heaven on earth for ourselves. It is our choice how we progress through this transition. If we choose fear, we will create what we are most afraid of. However, we do have the choice to disengage from the fear-based culture and connect with like-hearted, conscious co-creators, and create a world of peace, harmony and joy for ourselves. From that perspective, the choice is kind of a no-brainer, right?

I’d love to hear your comments of what you are experiencing in these turbulent times. Just leave your comment below!

Love and light

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