Ready or Not, I AM Coming Out!

August 24th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Did  you ever see the classic “I Love Lucy” episode where she and Ethel are working in the chocolate factory? The one where they’re trying to keep up with the conveyor belt delivering the candies for wrapping? It reminds me of the speed at which “opportunities for growth” have been coming at all of us!

Keeping up with this evolutionary transition of letting go of the old, while embracing the new is affecting everyone . . .  aristocrats, peasants, and the weary middle class alike. Everyone, everywhere, is feeling it in some, or even many, areas of their lives.

What I have been letting go of is hiding behind my computer and my role as spiritual teacher who is here simply to hold the space for people to explore their spirituality . . . a lovely and worthwhile venture, and also one that has been quite safe!

What I have been called to do is to be a stand for growing past old social and cultural values that keep people, and particularly women, restrained from living their destiny and contributing what it is they are here to contribute.

My taking a stand that says the old values of duty, obligation, commitment, loyalty, compromise, sacrifice for the good of the family, etcetera are not only outdated, but they’ve become obstacles to living your destiny . . . well, that has ruffled more than a few feathers!

As one who was often sent to my room because I was “too sensitive,” (my feelings were easily hurt) being willing to make myself a possible target for airborne rotten fruit by publically challenging these cherished values is a big coming out!

Yet these old values are the very dragons at the gateway to higher consciousness that must be slain in order for us to live our lives On Purpose as our Authentic Selves and do what it is we came here to do!

I’ve been in the in-between stage for quite a few months now . . . continuing to hold small spiritual gatherings in my home, and teaching the very esoteric Awakening Your Light Body course, while at the same time taking to the stage giving talks and getting very clear on how to make myself visible to the people I was born to serve . . . the women who are living the story that was once my story . . . the women who are looking for the “way out” that I found, and am here to reveal.

You see, growing up I was trained to be a cross between Betty Crocker and Cinderella. When the fairytale didn’t materialize (despite the fairytale wedding), I, of course, concluded it was my fault. Somehow I must not be doing it right.

I so desperately wanted to make the fairytale come true, that without my really realizing it, my Betty-rella persona morphed into a Stepford wife, and there I lived for decades with a low-grade unhappiness most of the time, wishing and hoping and trying to fix things so my husband would change. Then we could live happily ever after.


Now that’s a fairytale!

It has been a very long journey of looking for my happiness to come from someone or something outside of myself. It took time, courage, determination, and lots of support from teachers and mentors (who seemed to show up just when I needed them) to discover that not only am I the creator of my reality, but also that I am the final authority in my life.

Embracing the truth that no one outside of me has the right to dictate to me what my calling is and how I am allowed to answer the call is an awesome responsibility and an amazing freedom. This freedom to answer the call of my destiny was birthed by the previous generations of astonishingly courageous women who rose up against suppression and oppression of feminine power and paved the way for today’s women to stand fully in their power, if they so choose.

The key phrase is “if they so choose,” because choosing to stand fully in one’s power most often means defying the status quo by rocking the boat, or even jumping ship. This is usually not well received by the one who has taken for granted their right to the role of Captain!

As we speak (so to speak) I am preparing to “come out” as Jennifer T. Grainger, Life Sculptor, showing women who bought the fairytale, like I did, how to carefully carve away what’s not working in their lives, and guiding them as they reshape what remains into the life they were born to live, and that their hearts and souls are pleading for!

That’s what I did. And, rotten fruit be damned, I am gonna’ be shouting it from the rooftops that you can do it, too!

BOTTOM LINE: It took me 20 years to piece it together that what was missing in my life was me! Be on the lookout for the launch of my new Life Sculpting Coaching Program to teach “fairytale weary” women how to uncover their Authentic selves, and do in months what took me years!

This newsletter is published on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. I’ll “see” you in our next newsletter September 14th.

Love and light,

P.S. I’d love to hear from you. Did you buy the fairytale too? Is there someone in your life who believes they have the right to dictate to you how to live your life? Are you ready to choose to stand in your power and declare yourself as the one who has the final say so of how you live your life? Please do make your comments below. I really do want to know how you are moving forward in your life!

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Making the Shift from Being Outer-Directed to Inner-Directed

August 9th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Just like most of you, I am in the midst of major transitions, both
internally in my personal and spiritual growth, and externally in
restructuring my right livelihood (business restructure).

One of the reasons you haven’t heard from me in a while is I’ve
been in spiritual boot camp for the last several months. That’s
where spirit kicks the sh*t out of you to demand that you step into
being the person you were born to be.

Turns out that all these years I’ve been hiding behind my website,
my guides and my writing, thinking I could do what I came to do
without risking the visibility and vulnerability that comes with
public speaking.

It is so much easier to just close my eyes, open my mouth and let
the Ascended Masters speak through me. Yet it became clear
that my mission is to go public
to let people know how to shift from being outer-directed (living from the programming we got as kids) to being inner-directed (reconnected to our 6th sense/inner-wisdom) and living the life we were born to live.

What makes me a credible expert in that department is that I was born an
ordinary person with no discernable psychic abilities. Seriously, I was
dense as mud at the beginning of my journey,
and I’ve had to work at developing my psychic abilities so that I could honestly say, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

At the moment, I am sort of in the “drying my butterfly wings” stage of
being a public speaker.
I did two presentations in the past two weeks . . .
both on the topic of Unleashing Your Natural Knowingness.

Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. Tough as spiritual boot camp
was, having lived through it (what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, haha)
it is exciting to be on this new adventure.

My focus has expanded from creating a safe haven for solitary spiritual seekers to gather with like-hearted people through the Spiritual Growth Community, to getting out there and shouting from the rooftops . . .

Hey, people, wake up!

You are powerful co-creators in your own life and you don’t even know it!

Your attention has been directed away from who you truly are!

Come learn how to see, sense and hear the reality that is beyond the ability
of your five senses to detect and your rational mind to understand!

That’s what my first mentor, Judy Reis, did for me in 1989.

Feedback I got from my first two talks made me realize I’d forgotten how daunting it is to make the shift from being outer-directed to being inner-directed.

When I spoke of the values and concepts that I take for granted today, I forgot how unsettling and mind-blowing these concepts were to me when they were new.

So I have a lot to learn on how to convey to people that the emerging new paradigm is upon us, and not only will the old values not serve us, they will get in the way of being able to safely “surf the chaos and navigate the flow” in these evolutionary times.

I’ll be doing lots more public speaking, and offering new teleclasses and
workshops as well as making more space to do one-on-one coaching with people ready to fast track into living the life they were born to live instead of the life they were trained to live.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for your email invitations to join me on the 1st and/or 3rd Wednesday evenings each month at my home in Lodi, or the 4th Wednesday of each month in Stockton at Dragonfairy metaphysical store for the Oasis in the Midst of Chaos gathering where I am totally in my comfort zone (ahhh) of channeling the Ascended Masters and leading guided meditations to connect with your own inner wisdom. Give me a call if you have questions. 209-369-6188.

THE BOTTOM LINE REMAINS THE SAME: We are in a time of extremely rapid change. Life as we have know it is all but over. We are on the threshold of a new beginning that offers the opportunity to create heaven on earth for ourselves. It is our choice how we progress through this transition. If we choose fear, we will create what we are most afraid of. However, we do have the choice to disengage from the fear-based culture and connect with like-hearted, conscious co-creators, and create a world of peace, harmony and joy for ourselves. From that perspective, the choice is kind of a no-brainer, right?

I’d love to hear your comments of what you are experiencing in these turbulent times. Just leave your comment below!

Love and light

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