Making the Leap into 4th Dimensional Reality

February 9th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Mass consciousness has been stuck in three dimensional reality for centuries. It was easy to manipulate us with fear (of going to hell, mostly) in order to hijack our willingness to do as we were told by those in authority, be it church, state, culture, or what have you. Our desire to avoid punishment and to secure reward was enough to get us to follow the rules.

But something happened in the 1960s . . . a whole generation of young people woke up and decided to question conventional wisdom.  It was common to see “Question Authority” bumper stickers on their flower-power decorated VW buses.

Then in the 1970s Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem raised the consciousness of women, encouraging them to throw off their subservient role and demand equality. Since then we’ve had 40 years of women developing their masculine side in order to compete in the workplace.

No question there is a new paradigm emerging. The question is . . . will mass consciousness make the leap out of the limits of three dimensional reality that has as its only navigational tools that which the five senses can detect and the rational mind can understand?

Or will the masses be willing to explore the fourth dimensional reality that encompasses the wisdom of the heart, and the knowings of a fully functioning sixth sense?

I think the answer is some will, and some won’t.

It takes courage to suspend the belief in the superiority of the rational mind, while doing what it takes to ignite and develop your sixth sense. It was definitely risky for me twenty years ago to practice following my heart to see where it would lead me. In fact, when faced with a decision that had important consequences I would revert back to relying on my ability to figure things out, not trusting my heart and soul to have input.

It has taken most of these past twenty years for me to ignite, develop and then integrate my sixth sense with my already well-developed five senses, while also creating a harmonious relationship between my head and my heart.

I believe that humanity has been led to this very moment in time when many of us have enough consciousness to make a leap into becoming conscious co-creators with life.

When we have integrated all our senses, and trust our own inner wisdom above any self-appointed outside authority it will be very difficult for those wishing to manipulate us to do so.

So it is no surprise that those who have enjoyed the privileged authority positions are not going to give up without a fight. Their weapon of choice will be as it has always been . . . fear.

Only instead of fear of being burned at the stake, or having one’s head chopped off, it will be fear of terrorists, or losing your job, or your house, or home invasions, or whatever they can come up with to keep you terrified and unable to think clearly.

So for each individual it all boils down to whether one is going to make a leap of faith in the direction of evolution and listen to their own inner-guidance, or be paralyzed with fear and “play it safe,” demanding that “they” (government, corporations, etc.) do something to make their life work.

For months now, my guides have been telling us at our Wednesday night gatherings that the cosmic energies raining down on the planet are dispersing people into their energetically vibratory matching groups. Those who cling to third dimensional reality, that which is limited to what the five senses can detect and the rational mind can understand, and who look outside of themselves for guidance and direction, (think dogmatic religion) will come together in groups.

Those who are willing to do the work to expand their consciousness to include fourth dimensional reality will also come together in groups. The difference is their focus will be on consciously creating communities of people who embrace diversity and intend to live cooperatively. They are influenced by messages of unconditional love, sharing and caring for each other and the planet.

BOTTOM LINE: We are in a time of extremely rapid change. Life as we have known it is all but over. We are on the threshold of a new beginning that offers the opportunity to create heaven on earth for ourselves. It is our choice how we progress through this transition time. If we choose fear, we will create what we are most afraid of. However, we do have the choice to disengage from the fear-based culture and connect with like-hearted conscious co-creators and create a world of peace, harmony and joy for ourselves.  From that perspective, the choice is kind of a no-brainer, right?

TIP: We were all born with a fully functioning sixth sense. For most of us it got shut down early on by being told that what we “saw” and what we “heard” was “just your imagination.” If you set your intention to reconnect with, and develop, your sixth sense, you will be led to exactly the avenues most suited to you to become fully conscious at a fourth dimensional level.

P.S. We will be doing some exercises to strengthen your sixth sense at our 3rd Annual Spring Retreat coming up on Saturday, March 5th. It will be a day to retreat, regroup, replenish, and to gather the strength to take a stand for yourself in ditching old duties, obligations and commitments that bog down your heart’s desire and soul’s journey. This is a day that will go a long way to maximizing your JOY and minimizing struggle in your daily life.

P.P.S. I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life. Are you getting sick and tired of suffering from anxiety and uncertainty about what is going to happen in your life? What have you tried that has helped to relieve the suffering? What have you tried that hasn’t worked?  Leave your comments below. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Love and light,
Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Your Consciousness Coach!

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