Floating Between Dimensions

December 24th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

I know a lot of us are experiencing some out-of-the ordinary things which can sometimes make you wonder if you are losing your mind! It always helps to know other people are experiencing similar things so I’ll be sharing my experiences with you so you can not feel so alone if you are having “weird” things happen too.

I’ve been told 2011 is going to be  a year of clearing, and I seem to have gotten a head start on the breakdown/breakthrough/chaos roller coaster that is so great for bringing unhealed emotional trauma to the surface so it can be cleared.

Ever since I connected with Ascended Master Maha Cohan a few weeks ago, or maybe its been a month by now, I have been having some very interesting experiences, which are probably also associated with the topsy turvy cosmic energies which are fueling the general breakdown/breakthrough/ chaos many of us are experiencing, especially around the solstice . . .

I’d gone to bed Wednesday night in emotional overwhelm triggered by something I can’t even remember now. Since 2011 is going to be a year of clearing, you can be sure emotional overwhelm is going to be a frequent experience. So in my overwhelm state I called upon Maha Cohan for help and comfort and was completely blanketed in an all encompassing feeling I could only imagine was what has been called “the peace that passes all understanding.” It was indescribably blissful.

I wanted it to last forever, but I found myself floating between the dimensions. It was very clear when I was in the third dimension because it was so “puny” and “thin” compared to the other dimensions.

The fourth dimension had several layers to it, the one closer to 3D was nice but nothing too special, while the one closer to 5D was really, really nice, but not the complete bliss of the “peace that passes understanding” place.

I was trying to understand what I could do to get myself back to the total bliss dimension. I experimented with using my breath, along with very focused attention, to help get me there. Every now and then I’d find myself in that space, but I didn’t know how I got there and I couldn’t control how long I’d stay there. It reminded me of learning to drive a car when I was 16 (stick shift) . . . lots of lurching forward while trying to coordinate clutch and gears, and not feeling very much in control of the experience.

One of the dimensions, it could have been the fifth, or maybe higher, was pure grace and every now and then I’d find myself there but didn’t know how I got there or how to stay there.

Later I remembered that my first mentor, Judy Reis had discovered a dimension she said was the state of grace and taught a class on how to get there . . . this had to have been 10 or 15 years ago. Of course, I didn’t get it at the time, but I have a sense that she is helping me locate this space now. (She crossed over in 2006).

I was told this would be something I would teach, though at this point I can’t see how, since I don’t know what I did to get there, but I do remember the space clearly. I’ll see if I can get back to that space tonight when I go to bed.

Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted. Also it is possible that the power of the group at one of our Light Body graduate groups will be a catalyst to take us there. Wouldn’t that be nice?!

Love and light,

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The Positive Value of Negative Thoughts & Feelings

December 22nd, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

I saw a photo of my friends, Susana and Richard on Facebook when I went in to wish Richard a Happy Birthday last Thursday. Wow! They looked so fabulous, so happy, so vibrant and obviously flourishing in their new Hawaii location.

But the oddest thing happened. I noticed a shift in my energy that went down scale just a tiny bit. Probably a year or two ago I wouldn’t have even noticed it as it was happening. It probably would have percolated below the surface of my awareness and eventually shown up as me being in a “bad mood” or “funk” for no apparent reason.

I wondered if it was jealousy I was feeling. No, jealousy is the fear of losing something I already have. It felt more likely envy, wanting what someone else has that I don’t have. Was I envious because Susana has a mate that is on the spiritual growth path with her and I don’t? Or that doors are opening for her in ways they are not opening for me right now as I sit in retreat, regroup and reinvent mode? Was I envious of her youth and beauty? Much as I hated to admit it, it could have been any, or all of those things.

Digging deeper, I asked myself, “When have I felt this way before?” because I know that anytime I get emotionally “triggered” there is some pocket of unresolved emotional trauma that’s been activated. I wondered, “what pattern is being replicated here?” I filed the unanswered question in the pondering section of my brain and went to bed.

I awoke at 3 a.m. and it was totally clear what the photo had activated in me. Here was the gold . . . the positive value this negative feeling of envy was giving me.

I “saw” a very clear picture of me as a small child. Lonely and unloved. I am seeing my parents hugging and kissing and totally ignoring me, as if I were invisible, I am without emotion, observing the scene like an impartial journalist simply reporting what’s happening. I see I am completely separated from my parents. I am an outsider looking in. I’m wanting them to notice me, because if they notice me then that means I am OK.

“Oh,” I thought, “why did I never see before how unimportant it is that others see me and acknowledge me? I’ve been barking up the wrong tree all my life looking outside of myself for validation of my worth, when my worthiness is a given. It is a given for every person. There is nothing I have to do to be worthy or to prove my worthiness. What a futile journey this has been.”

In a very matter-of-fact way my guide told me that I was now ready to become self-validating. Yes, I could clearly see that. He explained that now that I could see that every event is the result of matching energy vibrations that emanate from within me, I am the only valid authority that can determine whether I am aligned with life or not. No one outside of me can know what is right for me better than I can know it for myself. I have all the skills necessary to navigate life. I can trust my inner compass that lets me know when I am in alignment, and when I am not. And I have all the tools I need to get realigned when I am off track. I have no need for anyone’s approval, acceptance or acknowledgment to feel OK about myself. Wow!

With this realization I was flooded with that “peace that passes understanding.” I fumbled for the lamp switch so I could see to write this down. I knew from past experience that although the enlightenment would stay with me, I wouldn’t remember the details, and I needed to remember the details so I could tell YOU! That’s my job, man!

There is still a lot of work to do. Knowing that there is gold to be mined by dissecting negative thoughts and feelings to get to the root of a false belief, and diligently doing the work are two entirely different things!

But no worries . . . if we won’t do the work, if we are satisfied to blame someone or something outside of ourselves as the cause of our discomfort, the Universe will do the work for us. Trust me. It is a lot less painful to step out of victim consciousness and do the work ourselves! Being drug through a knothole backwards to strip us of baggage that we refuse to let go of is not a walk in the park, for sure! Take my advice: stay ahead of the game by paying attention to when you are out of the flow, or you might call it being “off center,” or grumpy, or cranky. Take it as a sign that there is some false belief you need to let go of, take full responsibility for dealing with it, then get busy.

If you don’t know what to do, reach out for help! Call me for a coaching session, which will include a channeling or guided meditation that you can listen to over and over. Or contact one of the practitioners listed on the Spiritual Growth Community website.

Or if you know what to do, but are in too much overwhelm to pull it together, get help! I do! These are extremely challenging times. We are clearing lifetimes of garbage from our energetic systems. We will each need help from time to time.

My guides have told me that while 2010 was the Year of Light in which there would be no more secrets, 2011 will be the Year of Clearing in which we must clean the slate in order to be in alignment with the increased frequency vibration that is currently down pouring on the planet, and which will accelerate to tsunami proportions in 2011!

BOTTOM LINE: Just as there are many stages of physical growth—infant, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, middle-aged adult, senior adult—each stage (hopefully) building on the next (I’m sure you know a few people in arrested development that, although they have aged, they have not “grown up” very much), there are also many stages of consciousness growth.

Forty plus years ago there was no awareness that our thoughts were creating our reality. As that became mainstream we worked to learn ways to change our thoughts to create more harmony, joy and peace in our lives. It has been a good thing. We have expanded our awareness of what goes on in our monkey-minds. We have learned many ways to take charge of the unpleasant effects of “negative” thinking.

This has taken us to the “young adult” stage of consciousness expansion. And there is way more growing for us to do! We are shifting from old paradigm “human doings” to new paradigm “human beings.”  Each step along the way is a source of more Joy and less struggle in our daily lives. Now, instead of trying to get rid of our negative thoughts and emotions, we can use them to accelerate our growth. They are pointers that can guide us to uncover false beliefs and hidden traumas that must be cleared in order for us to live 5th dimensionally, that is, in joy, peace and harmony.

TIP: Recurring “negative” patterns in your life are a BIG clue that there is work to do. Getting beyond blaming people or life for what is showing us in our lives (transcending victim consciousness) is a basic step. As long as we are seeing the source of our experience as outside of ourselves we are powerless to make changes. That makes us victims of life. Not everyone wants to do the work necessary to take back their power. It is so much easier to be the victim, but not very rewarding or fun!

P.S. Now more than ever we must be walking our talk. We start by believing that the Universe is friendly and that everything that happens is for our highest good. Until the believing becomes a knowing, we are just talking heads! And believing becomes knowing by walking your talk until that moment arrives when grace descends upon you and the belief moves from your head to your heart, where it becomes knowing. Hallelujah when that day arrives! In the meantime you gotta just keep on truckin’!

P.P.S. The more you hang around other pioneering souls on the path of conscious evolution, the more you will see the many blessings that arise from the ashes of apparent disaster, the easier it is to trust, and the faster you will grow! As Ascended Master Maha Cohan said in his message to the Spiritual Growth Community members in our last teleclass “find someone who is walking their talk and follow in their footsteps until you get the hang of walking your talk. Once your believing becomes knowing then you can strike out on your own and make the way for others to follow you.”

How are you experiencing the rapid changes? I want to hear from you! Click on the comments link below to leave your thoughts, insights and experiences.

Until next time . . .

Love and light,


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I’ve Had My Emotional Meltdown. How About You?

December 15th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Sorry for missing last Wednesday’s publication date for this newsletter, but I was going through a major, no kidding, emotional meltdown, and couldn’t make myself do anything I was “supposed” to.

I’d felt the meltdown coming on . . . you know the symptoms . . . frustration at the obstacles popping up everywhere with no end in sight . . . feelings of helplessness . . . thoughts of “what will become of me?”  Yes. Definitely a meltdown was in the making.

Being enlightened as I am, I thought, “OK, I’m heading into a breakdown, which always results in a breakthrough, but why go through all that 3D drama? I’m enlightened now so I’m  gonna’ skip the breakdown and go directly for the insights and expanded consciousness that come with the breakthrough.”

Apparently the level of enlightenment I have achieved does not include a free pass in the breakdown department because before you could say “someone call the looney bin and arrange for a pick up,” I was in a full blown hysteria.

“You’re hysterical . . . just stop it,” I said firmly, and uselessly, as I threw myself on my bed crying until I could barely breathe.

(Just so you know, when a deeply held emotional trauma gets activated, there is no stopping the explosion of escaping emotion, so don’t feel bad if this very same thing happens to you or someone you know!)

Anyway, suddenly I “saw” myself at birth, and vividly saw that I’d been born into a void that I’ve spent my whole life attempting to fill. All I have ever wanted was to love and be loved by one special person . . . namely my soul mate. This desire has gone unfulfilled despite my best, most concerted “Law of Attraction” efforts, and from this meltdown perspective, would never be filled.

Then the scene shifted to an incident that happened when I was ten. I “saw” how my soul had shattered during that event . . . literally, I saw multiple silhouetted figures scatter in all directions.

Recognizing that I was totally and seriously losing it, I called out to the Universe for help and that is when the breakthrough began . . .

Ascended Master Maha Chohan appeared to me (in my inner vision). I was immediately flooded with the most exquisite feelings of safety and peace that could only be unconditional love. Beings of light surrounded me as I floated in the cocoon of bliss, while I integrated the enormity of having carried the experience of being born into a void, never connecting anywhere.

It was a “wow” experience to clearly see how that lack of connection with life has been at the root of my lifelong recurring pattern of not being able to connect at a deep level with a partner. I was engulfed with a feeling of deep compassion for myself for the fruitlessness of all my efforts.

Next I found myself hovering high above a scene that could have been Grand Central Station. The people were gravitating towards the center, creating a hub. In the next instant I was at the center of the hub. I literally heard a “click,” like a seat belt fastening, as each silhouette joined the hub, one at a time, until all the pieces were back. Each click, securely fastening the returning part to myself, generated a deep sigh of relief.

Then Maha Chohan psychically connected me to him and the Source of all life, and pulled me through a portal of light. I no longer felt lost and alone. I had come out the other side purged of deep, emotional baggage, likely preparing me for the growth 2011 would bring. My breakthrough was complete.

I fell asleep, and when I woke in the early dawn, bits of understanding began coming into focus.

I have absolute knowing that I can count on Maha Chohan to be with me on my journey of evolutionary transition to 5th dimensional living. I also know he will be with me as I help others make their transition out of the trauma/drama of 3D “reality” and into the 5th dimension where joy abounds and living On Purpose is the order of the day.

Today, I feel brand new. I am looking forward to 2011 as the year of stepping into the leadership role I have been resisting, writing my next book, and continuing to develop my relationship with Maha Chohan, all of which feels way more satisfying and easier than an “earth bound” relationship any day!

BOTTOM LINE: Just like rain falls on everyone, the impulse to evolve is impacting everyone whether they are consciously on the path of awakening or not. If you get triggered beyond your ability to work through it on your own, don’t hesitate to call for help. The experience of being stripped of emotional baggage in order to fit through the portal of light can be a painful process, but oh so worth it!

TIP: If you don’t already have a few healers on your list of people to turn to in a spiritual crisis be sure to check out the Spiritual Growth Community Practitioner’s Directory. Don’t wait until you are in crisis to begin a relationship with a practitioner.

P.S. If you are confronted with a person who is responding “irrationally” to a situation, be sure to cut them some slack and do your best to hold an energetic healing space for them as they act out the emotional trauma that has been triggered and is being released.

P.P.S. Take good care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, eat right and avoid cantankerous people whenever possible! Not everyone is willing to let go of the baggage in order to make it through the portal of light. Their resistance won’t be fun to be around.

Have you or someone you know had a meltdown recently? How did it get handled? Or didn’t it?  I’d love to from you! Click on the Comments icon below to add your thoughts on the subject.

Love and light,


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Peace Begins When Hunger Ends

December 2nd, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

What better gift to give to our family and loved ones in this Holiday time than an investment in World Peace? Have you heard about Heifer, International? They make it possible for ordinary people like us to give gifts of cows, goats, chicks, bees or trees for fuel to provide poor families the “seeds” to become self-sustaining.

When the original gift animal reproduces, the offspring are given to other villagers so the whole region can become self-sustaining.

For the price of an iPhone you can take a stand for World Peace. And, hey, who doesn’t want that?!

Go to http://www.Heifer.org/catalog and do a little shopping for World Peace. Seriously, who needs another electronic gadget that is going to be obsolete in 6 to 9 months and end up in the landfill when you can make a REAL difference in the world?

I mean this is the “peace on earth, good will to men” season, right?

Love and light


provide everything from rabbits to water buffalo to

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