Conscious Capitalism

October 26th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Here’s a 30 minute podcast from about the rising spiritual consciousness that is taking place in business. Patricia Aburdene, author of Megatrends 2010 talks about the Spiritual Transformation of Capitalism. (yes, indeed, it IS happening!) This is a 30 minute interview.

The interesting thing is that in a 10 year study, the firms whose business practices take into account ALL the stakeholders in a business (stockholders, for sure, but also employees, and customers well-being) are making MORE profits than the quarterly-bottom-line-increased-profits-by-whatever-means companies.

This is just one more example of the new, improved way of life that is rising up through the rubble of the old that is crumbling.

Here’s the link “spelled out” in case you printed this out to look at later and want to connect to the podcast without having to go back to find this post to click the link above



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Gregg Braden

October 25th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Here’s a link to a podcast of Gregg Braden, author of “Beyond Zero Point“  being interviewed by Tami Simon of Sounds True. Greg is offering a 4 week online series, starting November 3rd called: “Exploring Fractal Time.”

Gregg makes a great case, with scientific support,  for seeing the changes we are experiencing, as the end of a 5000 year cycle that has repeated many times, and that we can learn from.

What excited me most is that the information Gregg shares confirms what my guide, Otmon, has been telling us: that we are shaping the future we are birthing into. The choices we make today will determine the kind of world we find ourselves in when this cycle completes.

The information also confirmed that the best place to focus our attention is on what we want to create that is new and life-supporting, rather than trying to hang on to what is no longer life-supporting or sustainable.

All in all it was a very positive and affirming look at 2012. I highly recommend listening to the podcast and considering taking the online class.

Love and light


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The Light is Definitely Increasing on the Planet

October 22nd, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

At the beginning of 2010, my guide (at the time), Abraham, (I’ve since connected with a new guide, Otmon, but that’s another story) said 2010 would be the year that the light was going to penetrate the darkness and there would be no more secrets.

The daily news, with its regular revelations of infidelity (Tiger Woods), corruption (Bell City), appalling greed (Wall Street Banks), barbaric laws (stoning to death), and on and on are confirming the truth of that!

And with the advent of hidden camera technology there is no longer any such thing as “behind closed doors” being a guarantee of privacy.

But Abraham went further. When he said “no more secrets,” that included our own Shadow selves would be forced into the light, as well as those behaviors we attempt to hide from others.

Here’s a tip: if you are doing something you’d be ashamed for others to know about, either stop doing it, or drop the shame and embrace the behavior as something that works for you! In either case, you will free up a bushel of  positive energy that was being drained off trying to keep the behavior under wraps.

Now the good news!

Because we are living in this time of accelerated evolution, with expanding consciousness taking the lead, we are rapidly becoming a telepathic species.

Science has been measuring brain waves for decades.  Thoughts leave our brain as measurable energy. The more conscious we become the more we sense others thoughts. Since 99% of the people I interact with are consciously expanding their consciousness their ability to know what and when I am thinking about them, and them about me, is increasing .

I’ve wondered if I put aluminum foil around my head would that contain the negative thoughts I have during one of those (rare) descents into the 3rd dimensional trauma/drama reality when I have fallen into victim consciousness and think someone or something else is the source of my misery!

If you know the answer to the efficacy of the aluminum foil idea please let me know!

The point here is the concept of personal privacy no longer exists and it is not coming back. And we won’t need it because those who shifted into the new consciousness will have nothing to hide, and those who didn’t shift will be rerouted to other realms that match their vibration.

Shift or Die!

It will be interesting to see what guidance will come through at the end of this year about what the  major theme will be in 2011. I am already being told that 2011 is going to fly by even faster than 2010. It is all about letting go of what is trying to leave our lives so we can be ready to step into higher vibrational living that is based on partnership not patriarchy, and collaboration not control, and love not fear.

Oh, yes. If you are interested in expanding your consciousness so you can know what others are thinking about YOU, come on over to our Gathering of Pioneering Souls one of these times where consciousness expansion and aligning with the cosmic energies are the happening thing!

Got a comment, be sure to enter it below.

Love and light,


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Manifesting Magic

October 21st, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

This morning I did the Manifesting Meditation that my co-presenter (and elder daughter, Kaydee, the Divine Intercessor) offered us at the Fall Retreat on Saturday and had some very cool results.

It is a simple meditation really, yet so POWERFUL! You just get into a meditative state and then travel above yourself to connect with your guides and angels. Take a gift bag with you. When you are there open your gift bag and ask your angels to put whatever it is you want in the bag. Come back through a channel of light right into the top of your head. Let the light flow through your body filling every cell with the energy of the gifts you were given.

If you see any “dark spots” direct the light to those spots. When all your cells are filled with light imagine a golden liquid light, the consistency of honey, pouring over your body, beginning at your head and continuing down to your feet to seal in the energy of the gifts in your cells.

So here are the cool things that happened in my meditation this morning. First, I used an Awakening Your Light Body meditation that took me pretty high. The visualization was of arriving in a “marketplace” setting in a plaza with the various angelic light beings staffing booths  that offered their specialty.  Sort of like the Farmer’s Market.

I told the Master Guide/Event Organizer what I wanted and he directed me to the right “vendor” angel. I opened my gift bag and asked the angel to put in the bag the solution to a paperwork issue I am dealing with. The angel handed me a carafe with a liquid “solution” in it and told me to drink it when I was working on the issue and that would take care of it.

Ha ha! Very funny! I had asked for a solution, thinking I was asking for a practical answer to my problem, and instead I got a liquid “solution.” Just another reminder to lighten up!

The next thing I wanted in my gift bag was to lose 30 lbs. The “vendor” put a “magic” fork and spoon in my bag and told me whatever I ate with these utensils would definitely create weight loss. Alrighty! Funny thing is my appetite has been quite manageable today.

So if you have anything you’ve been wanting, get yourself a gift bag and get yourself up into the higher realms and just ask for it!

The Fall Retreat was completely amazing. We had 20 people, great meditations, terrific lunch catered by Scooters, and lots of heart-to-heart connections with old friends and new friends.

If you’d like a taste of the Spiritual Growth Community, come to our Gathering for Pioneering Souls held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month at my home in Lodi. Just click the Gathering for Pioneering Souls link above for details! Or call me, Jennifer at 209-369-6188 . . . I’d love to chat with you and find out how the Spiritual Growth Community can serve YOU!

Kaydee "energizing" the chairs before retreat participants arrive!

Our beutiful Fall Retreat particpants after lunch (catered by Scooters!)

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We are one

October 13th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Saw in the the Lodi News Sentinel today that genealogists at have found common ancestors between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin (10th cousins) and Barack Obama and Rush Limbaugh (10th cousin, once removed).

Sort of adds truth to the metaphysical principle that we are all ONE. If it is also true that what we do to others we do to ourselves I’d say it is way past time to get on the same team! Instead of fighting each other let’s get together and focus on creating peace!


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Evolutionary Metamophosis

October 13th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

My favorite visionary, Barbara Marx Hubbard is offering a free teleseminar called: 3 Keys to Evolutionary Metamorphosis tomorrow night, Thursday, Oct 14, 5 pm pacific time. If you register you’ll get a link to the recording in case you can’t listen live.

Barbara says, “We are shifting from being imaginal cells in the body of the caterpillar to imaginal cells in the chrysalis, called to cocreate a world we have never seen and to be humans we have not yet fully been.

In this teleseminar I will offer you the deepest guidance I have received over the years by sharing information from my “secret journals” to bring you into the depths of the evolutionary metamorphosis.

We will tap into that evolutionary force focusing on these keys:

· 3 keys to engaging the process of evolutionary metamorphosis
· How to awaken the evolving human within yourself
· How to connect with evolutionary internal guidance

The way across the threshold is through accessing, embodying and following
the inspiration of your deepest heart’s desire in a field of intimacy, resonance
and love. I look forward with joy and anticipation to being with you.”

Register here:

I love Barabara’s work. She is 80 years old and going strong on her mission to share her vision. Seeing the world that is unfolding through her eyes is an exciting vision, indeed. It makes the “falling apart” we are living through a mere prelude to the glorious things that will grow out of the debris!

Love and light

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Guess What Happened on 10-10-10

October 12th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Before I tell you what happened this past Sunday (10-10-10) let me tell you what led up to it the day before.

My older daughter, Kaydee, came to Lodi (from the Bay Area where she lives) to:

  1. get familiar with my sound/recording system she’ll be using for the first time as my co-presenter at the Fall Retreat this Saturday (October 16th).

  2. to trek out to Walnut Grove for an energy healing/psychic reading with Paula Phipps.

  3. to take me to lunch.

  4. to demonstrate her Divine Intercessor energy work on me.

We began with a few “check, check, check, 1,2,3,1,2,3,” iterations to get the sound level right, then Kaydee did a run-through of her “story” of how she first became aware of her healing gifts and psychic abilities.

To me, the most fascinating elements of her story are:

  1. her deep belief that the Universe loves her, has her best interest at heart, and that she will always be taken care of.

  2. and the high degree of sensitivity she has to subtle energies within her, in other people, and in her environment.

Most people think she learned this from me.

Not so.

I was dense as mud in the subtle energy detection department, and definitely believed in the superiority of my rational, logical mind over intuition to safely navigate life.

This began to change in 1989 while I was curiously exploring metaphysics and desperately trying to understand what exactly was the point of the Awakening Your Light Body class that my first mentor, Judy Reis has introduced me to (answer: to expand consciousness . . . took me ten years to figure that out!).

In the meantime Kaydee was deeply involved in fundamentalist Christianity and considered my interest in new age to be “the work of the devil.”

We couldn’t have been further apart, or so it seemed.

Yet our paths converged in the early 90s when Kaydee became disenchanted with religion and curious about what I was doing. She jumped right in and took the next light body class I taught. The amazing thing is that the light body work, which turned out to be my pathway to becoming aware of the sea of subtle energies in which we live, became for Kaydee, the pathway for her to consciously manage her sensitivity to subtle energies.

Ever since, I’ve been an admirer and spectator of her amazing life journey. For that last 20 plus years I’ve watched her climb the Silicon Valley corporate ladder from Administrative Assistant to Senior Manager, while simultaneously walking in both the material and spiritual worlds.

Quite a feat, indeed!

So . . . back to Saturday’s tale. On our drive back to Lodi Kaydee shared her experience of the session with Paula saying she felt reborn, ready to take on whatever changes were in store as she navigated the journey ahead of her . . . transitioning out of the corporate world and into “right livelihood” as the Divine Intercessor, helping people reconnect to Source when life threw them a curve and they felt abandoned by God, or alone in the Universe.

She treated me to lunch at Crush Kitchen in downtown Lodi (yum, yum), then stopped in to do an energy session on me before heading back home. I could feel the energy coursing through me as she directed light through my systems to unblock barriers to abundance, and connected my heart to the heart of my romantic partner that is on his way as soon as we are both ready.

This was a milestone marker of how we had both grown in our abilities . . . her ability to manage and direct energy, and my ability to sense it.

The next day, Sunday (10-10-10), I was alert and receptive to inspiration and guidance. I did my usual morning meditations and energy work and got on about my day. It wasn’t long before the first life changing insight smacked me right between the eyes, so to speak.

It was a bitter/sweet experience, to see so clearly how for the last three years I’ve been holding a thought associated with finances that was a huge block to prosperity. After a few moments of lamenting “what an idiot, I should have known better” I set about creating a ceremony to dissolve that thought form and replace it with a more enlightened one.

Soon after that I “saw” another barrier to success that was so obvious I didn’t see how I could have missed it. But then, this was 10-10-10 . . . exactly what was to be expected . . . to see things in a new way . . . right?!

Of course I’ll never know how much of this enlightenment was the result of the energetic opening of 10-10-10, and how much was the result of Kaydee’s energy work on me. What I do know is the results have already been life changing.

So here’s the kicker to this story.

Kaydee called me Sunday afternoon to tell me that she and Mike were in a car accident on their way home from dinner Saturday night! Fortunately they were not seriously injured.

How could this have happened when she was so aligned physically, emotionally and mentally with her purpose and mission in life? And after just having an energy clearing and rebalancing with Paula?

“My belief system in under attack,” Kaydee said, acknowledging how challenging it is to see the Universe as a friendly place that has our best interest at heart when faced with an apparently negative experience.

She was surprised that neither Paula nor she had any clue this was coming. “There must be a reason this was hidden from me,” she said and then went on to share what guidance did come through to handle the aftermath.

“I called Diana, my Matrix Energetic sponsor and she did a Time Travel process, going back in time three hours before the accident and restoring my body to the condition of that time. She also told me to get in the hot tub to keep my muscles from tightening up.”

Later that night I got an email from Kaydee describing the perspective she was taking on the accident. “The accident was a representation of rebirth because that’s what I did yesterday at Paula’s . . . I was reborn. Being in the hot tub was like being in amniotic fluid. I know the order of birthing is out of order . . like the accident representing the pain of birth and then being in the amniotic fluid in the womb after the birth, but it was merely metaphoric. It has only served to deepen my beliefs and provided me an opportunity to practice when things don’t go well, how do I respond.”

I am so proud of Kaydee. I am learning so much from her. So the next time I do something spiritually amazing, you can attribute it to all I have learned from her!

BOTTOM LINE: It is not what happens to us, but the meaning we make of it that determines our experience of life. And the meaning we make springs from the beliefs we have about how life works. And our free will allows us to believe anything we want.

TIP: Consider this: there is no absolutely, sure-fire way to prove the validity of any belief about how life works. Even for those who consider the Bible the “final word,” the truth is that there are so many contradictions in the Bible that it comes down to however you want to interpret it (or have it interpreted for you). Since you are free to believe anything you want, why not choose a belief that makes you feel GOOD . . . like the Universe loves you, has your best interest at heart, and everything that happens is for your highest good to bring you to the realization of who you truly are . . . a beautiful, spiritual being of light that possesses powers beyond the wildest dreams of your ego/personality self?!

P.S. Even though the Early Bird Special expired yesterday for the Fall Retreat, if you call me before 10 am tomorrow, Thursday, October 14th, and if there is still a seat available, you can take advantage of the Early Bird Special and save $28 off the $125 fee and register at the $97 rate.

This retreat is going to blow the lid off of limitations to abundance, barriers to having a loving relationship, and obstacles to connecting with your life purpose! I can feel it!

So. What are your beliefs about how the Universe works? Are your beliefs founded on faith or fear? How did you come to accept your version of “how life is?” Who told you, or what experiences have you had that have formed your opinions. I’d love to hear from you! Please leave your comments in the box below.

Love and light,


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