Becoming a 5th Dimensional Being

February 24th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

You know the graphic depicting evolution . . . the one that shows the progression from cells to today’s human? You’ll notice at one point in the process a fish has left the water, and the next image is of an oxygen-breathing reptile, followed by evolutionary iterations ending at today’s human.

This is the perfect metaphor for the leap of consciousness that we Pioneering Souls are making . . . rising up out of 3rd dimensional reality (the sea of victim mentality), into 4th dimensional reality (the land of co-creation), and then into 5th dimensional reality (the newly evolved human being living from the higher mind)!

Although letting go of victim consciousness and stepping into the co-creator role is an evolution of the mind, not the body, it is still as big an evolutionary leap as a sea creature leaving the sea and evolving into the ability to breathe oxygen, and eventually into an evolved human being. Really . . . this evolutionary leap humanity is making is HUGE!

I doubt that one day a fish jumped out of the ocean, developed lungs in the afternoon, and that evening was sleeping peacefully under the stars. No, indeed. I bet the first evolving water creatures gave it a go on land, again and again racing back to water so they could take a breath or three before giving it another go, until these pioneering sea creatures eventually spawned oxygen breathing animals, and evolution took a giant leap forward.

By the way, if you ask me, this leap of a shift in consciousness from victim to co-creator we Pioneering Souls are making is way easier said than done! We not only have centuries of victim mentality to overcome, we are also impacted daily by mass-consciousness victim mentality, which seems to poison the very air we breathe!

Take for example the mass consciousness agreement on the state of “the economy.” You may remember that as soon as the news broke that there was a “financial crises,” massive fear caused a majority of people who did have jobs and money to stop spending . . . and “this economy” was born.

In his book Spiritual Economics, the author, Eric Butterworth, describes the economy as the barometer of mass consciousness, that is, the collective thought forms create the outer circumstances. Whenever even a few people get together and talk about how bad the economy is, the energy of “bad economy” gets fed and . . . voila! (which is French for “here it is!”)

Taking charge of our thoughts and feelings is a daily spiritual practice. In one of our Spiritual Growth Community member teleclasses it came up how hard it is to rise above mass thought forms of worry, fear, anger and hopelessness, especially if you are immersed in it on a regular basis, which, of course, thank God/Goddess, I am not! I work in a solitary environment, don’t watch TV, and 99.9% of the people I interact with are Pioneering Souls on the path of evolutionary spirituality. I am so grateful for that!

So for you Pioneering Souls who are responding to the impulse to evolve beyond 3rd dimensional reality of the “if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist” mentality, I hope you are plenty kind to yourselves as you jump back and forth from 3rd dimensional victim mentality to 4th dimensional co-creator mentality, while also developing the skills to recognize and harmonize with the subtle energies that make up our Universe that is birthed into material form by our thoughts and emotions.

Once you develop a modicum of 4th dimensional mastery in managing your daily life by effortlessly “working the energy” instead of striving and struggling trying to make things happen, then you’ll be ready for gaining mastery in 5th dimensional living.

How will you know you have become a 5th dimensional being? Your lower mind (your rational, thinking, analyzing mind) will have evolved into your higher mind that integrates thought with feeling, has the ability to hold opposite concepts in your mind without conflict, is aware of your own subtle energies, as well as the energies of the people you are interacting with, and the situations you are in. From this vast array of information you will make decisions in the NOW moment that are harmonious and for the highest good of all.

Hey, won’t that be nice? Keep the faith, baby . . . that is where we Pioneering Souls are going!

BOTTOM LINE: When evolving to the next level of spiritual growth cut yourself some slack and expect to make regular course corrections. As one of my mentors, Duane Packer of LuminEssence says “the measure of mastery is not how long you stay in an expanded state of consciousness, but how quickly you return when you recognize you have fallen back down into the illusion of the 3rd dimension . . . and more importantly, how quickly you want to return to the higher state of consciousness when you realize you have ‘lost it.’” (There is no denying that sometimes it feels really good to feel miserable!)

P.S. Be on the lookout for new tools to manage thoughts and emotions. As you evolve you can outgrow tools that worked well in the beginning, but are not as effective now that you are at a higher level. My latest addition to my tool box is Matrix Energetics. I’ll be demonstrating Matrix Energetics at the Spring Retreat next weekend by offering mini sessions at the break and at lunch.

Where are you in your process of becoming a 5th dimensional being? When you notice you have lost your connection to Source (you’ll feel something less than joy, that’s how you’ll know) what tools work for you to get back in the flow? I’d love to hear from you!

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Intuition: What Science Says (So Far)

February 23rd, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Here’s a great article on scientific studies done on the topic of intuition.

One study, in particular is fascinating in its proof that we register physical responses when someone thinks about us even if we are not consciously aware of it.  Yes, indeed, thoughts are things. The scary part is most of our thoughts are unconscious . . . we don’t even know we are thinking them, except by how we feel (lousy thoughts make us feel lousy, joyful thoughts make us feel joyful!)

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Here’s a resource to get your work out

February 23rd, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

At the Brand Your Brilliance workshop presented by Kamala Murphey last Saturday, besides great information and a leap forward in “branding” what I do (this is what came up for me “I ignite the impulse to evolve in pioneering souls who have the courage to change and grow!” ) I got turned on to a website where journalists/interviewers place listings of topics they want to interview people about. Go to and register. You’ll receive daily listings of requests for interviews. Great free public relations avenue.

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No More Secrets

February 12th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

As my guide, Abraham, said recently at a Gathering for Pioneering Souls, 2010 will be a year when the light will penetrate the darkness and the secrets that have been hidden will be visible to all.

Boy, isn’t that the truth! It seems every day there is a new revelation of corruption, infidelity, back room deals to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

Today a former San Bernadino County supervisor and an ex-county tax collector were arrested for taking bribes from a developer.

Last week it was revealed that a ‘green’ company who received special federal tax credits just so happens to have one a vice president that is the husband of the woman who oversees $16.8 billion in stimulus funds that benefits this company.

I won’t list the politicians outed for their unfaithfulness, and the athletes outed for illegal drug use since those are well known and I think you get the picture . . . what has been going on behind closed doors for eons is being exposed for all to see.

I think we will see more and more of these revelations as the year progresses. This will give all of us a chance to practice compassion rather than judgment. Perhaps it is a good time to take a look at our own Shadow selves and acknowledge what is true for us even when it goes against what others want us to be.

Since everything is going to come into the light anyway now would be a great time to start just being ourselves . . . to be transparent and authentic about our preferences . . . to accept what is true for us without shame or guilt . . . to forgive ourselves for being who we are, to let the light shine through us .

What do you think?

Love and light,


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Dont’ Even TRY to Keep UP!

February 11th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Two Gathering for Pioneering Souls events ago my guide, Abraham gave us the message that 2010 was going to go even faster than 2009! He said this was a GOOD thing because it would make it impossible to keep up with our duties, obligations and commitments (unconscious beliefs about what we have to do to be a “good person”) and “wake up” (become conscious) to what is truly important to us at our heart and soul level. Hallelujah!

He said that we could finally let go of the “shoulds” in our life and give spirit the space to speak to us through our heart and soul. From this we would create a life that WORKS! One that has way more JOY and a lot less struggle. And, hey, who wouldn’t want that? And who doesn’t like hanging around with Joyful, fulfilled people? Isn’t that a LOT better than receiving things from resentful people fulfilling their duties?

All I can say is Abraham’s “prediction” has become a reality. I start each day with a list of things to do. I get one or two things done and the next day a new list is “downloaded’ and yesterday’s list is already outdated.  There is no such thing anymore of coming to the end of the day with a completely checked off To Do list.

Things are changing so fast that what was important in the morning has no relevance by the end of the day. Being able to be flexible, “go with the flow” with no attachment to the outcome, and a trust in the process of life will be the stabilizing factors in these increasingly unstable times.

Enjoy the ride!

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We Are Reaching Critical Mass

February 10th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

We are reaching critical mass. Yep! That’s what’s happening. We are reaching critical mass in the expansion of consciousness that is fueling the evolution of humanity beyond 3rd dimensional reality. Here’s how I know. Spiritually pioneering men are showing up at the Spiritual Growth Community events and coming back for more!

These Pioneering Souls in male bodies are answering the call to consciously participate in the evolution of humanity by exploring the next level of reality, the 4th dimension—that realm of subtle energies that exists beyond the ability of the five senses to detect, and the rational mind to make sense of.

These curious, courageous men are willing to travel into unknown territory. They are willing to do the work to explore their inner world, to develop their intuition, to create spiritual practices that support spiritual growth.

The New Age movement of the 1960s was the beginning for ordinary people (that is, people who were not mystics living on a mountaintop) to expand their consciousness to include 4th dimensional reality. Granted the first foray into expanded consciousness was fueled by LSD, marijuana, “magic” mushrooms, and so on. Along came Transcendental Meditation™ and the “get high on life” movement helping people develop spiritual practices that produced extraordinary and blissful experiences without the damaging side effects of drugs.

I wondered why 99% of people attending spiritual growth classes and workshops were women. My spiritual mentor at the time, Judy Reis, explained that it was the energy of the Divine Feminine that was coming to the planet. It made sense that it would be necessary for women to wake up first.

Bummer! I thought at the time. Why do I have to do all the spiritual growth work in this marriage? My friend, Martina Dobesh, author of Call From The Heart, would tell me “the women just have to get on with their spiritual growth and someday the men will wake up and ask ‘where did all the women go?’”

Interestingly at about the same time women were exploring “new age” stuff they were also developing their masculine energies, joining the work force in areas previously dominated by men, demanding equal pay, and gaining financial independence. (Did you know that today 40% of American breadwinners are women?)

Now it is time for men (and women still stuck in the rational mind) to expand their consciousness to include the Divine Feminine so that we, as a species, can get on with evolving from Homo sapiens into becoming Universal Humans as Barbara Marx Hubbard calls it.

It was 1989 when I began my evolutionary journey. My consciousness was 100% rooted in my logical mind. I believed emotions were a sign of weakness, and I was quite skilled at keeping them outside of my conscious awareness. I certainly didn’t want to be seen as a “silly female.”

But here’s the thing. To become adept at the 4th dimensional level you must first learn to sense the subtle energies that are outside the awareness of the five senses, and that includes emotional energy. There is no way around it. Operating strictly from the rational mind is a “half-witted” attempt to explore the 4th dimension.

It can’t be done.

Mastering 4th dimensional reality — being able to sense and manage emotional energy — is the other half of the “navigational system” that allows us to eventually grow into 5th dimensional beings who integrate thought with feeling to powerfully co-create with the Universe.

As Daniel Goleman says in his book, Emotional Intelligence “A view of human nature that ignores the power of emotions is sadly shortsighted. The very name Homo sapiens, the thinking species, is misleading in light of the new appreciation and vision of the place of emotions in our lives that science now offers.”

Take NOTE Pioneering Men (and women rooted in left-brain consciousness): If you’ve read my book, Becoming Conscious: One Woman’s Story of Spiritual Awakening you know that the biggest, hardest, most challenging, God-awful, scary, upsetting, life-altering part of expanding my consciousness was coming to terms with emotions! When my emotions began to show up, it scared the living hell out of me! You will have nothing but compassion from me as I support you on your journey of becoming adept at releasing stuck emotional energy from your body and developing the emotional intelligence necessary to live as a 5th dimensional being.

BOTTOM LINE: There is no skipping the 4th dimension in learning to live 5th dimensionally any more than a child can skip the transition from teenager to young adult. Coming to terms with emotional energy is essential to becoming a 5th dimensional being where you surf the chaos™ of 3rd dimensional reality and easily navigate the flow™ of the Universe!

TIPS: Watch out for the “spiritual bypass.” When something upsetting happens, and you gloss over it by quoting a spiritual principle like there are no accidents or everything is for my highest good or I have no attachment to the outcome to make the emerging emotion go away, that is a spiritual bypass. The 4th dimensional work of clearing residual emotional energy that got stuck in your body during traumatic events is essential to becoming your 5th dimensional Self.

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Evolutionary Spirituality

February 10th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

I heard an interview with Craig Hamilton, founder of  Integral Enlightenment, in which he used the term Evolutionary Spirituality. That soundly resonated with that part of me that has been relying on faith and trust in the “messages” I received early on in my spiritual quest more than 20 years ago that humanity was in the midst of a huge evolutionary leap forward. Because of that perspective I’ve been equating spiritual growth with expanding my consciousness for the last 20years, so the term evolutionary spirituality is a good fit for me.

It was refreshing to hear Craig Hamilton talk about the many, many different perspectives along the spiritual path continuum, and the acknowledgment that each perspective is a segment of the whole. No one person, group, or ideology has a patent on the “truth.”

Perhaps we are on our way to leaving the religious wars behind and moving into truly knowing that we are one humanity, joined together in this sea of Divine energy that is currently beyond our rational understanding, but definitely accessible through our hearts and souls.

Speaking of souls, I recently heard Barbara Marx Hubbard refer to those of us who are committed to our spiritual growth as Pioneering Souls. Yes. We are pioneering souls on the evolutionary path of expanding our consciousness to the point of Self-Realization — knowing we are One with the Universe — co-creators participating in the evolution of humanity to who knows what new heights!

Exciting, isn’t it?!

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Here is some good news!

February 3rd, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

If you’d like some good news for a change go to and watch the 6 minute trailer of a documentary in the making. Not only is it recording a worldwide movement toward peace and prosperity for all, it is being financed by everyday people who believe change (for the good) is possible.

The most refreshing thing is nobody is “fighting” for anything. They aren’t “against” anything. They are 100% “for” waking up to the fact that we are One humanity, joined together in an interconnected web. They have the understanding that what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

Love and light,


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Women on the Edge of Evolution

February 1st, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Ever since I “woke up” (in 1989) to the reality of subtle energies that exists beyond the ability of our five senses to detect, I have known that “these times” were coming. And by “these times” I mean the total destruction of life as we know it, and the emergence of a new way of being human. Maybe, even, becoming a biologically new and improved human being.

In the 1990s when I started channeling my Spirit Guide and was told about the transformation that was coming, it seemed to me that history would record this time as the Great Transformation, or the Big Transition. It made me wonder if people during the fall of Rome, or the Dark Ages had a clue that they were living right in the midst of big changes. I am pretty sure history will pinpoint the 1960s as the decade that launched  our current evolutionary leap.

Well, here we are. It is happening. Although how we went from “Flower Power” and the “Age of Love” in the 1960s to today’s Rush Limbaugh type hate and dissension, I don’t know. All I can do is offer the folk wisdom that it is always darkest before the dawn. Given the current state of affairs, I would say the dawn must be just around the corner!

The development of human consciousness over the last sixty years is reaching critical mass. “Ordinary” people are “getting” what the saints and sages have been saying for thousands of years . . . “as a man (woman) thinketh in his (her) heart, so he (she) is.”

Change your thoughts. Change your life.

While it is impossible to escape notice of the destruction that is taking place, given the media’s fascination with bad, scary “news,” if you know where to look you can get into the “loop” to see what really grand, wonderful things are sprouting through the rubble. Cooperation is replacing Competition. Partnership is replacing Domination. Conscious awareness is replacing Programmed responses.

Today I want to turn you on the just one of the resources that is shining the light on the burgeoning movement towards “Awakening our power to co-create our lives and shape our collective future.” That is

They have been running  a teleseries on Saturday mornings, 9:30 Pacific Time featuring amazing women who are leading the way of this evolution. The calls are recorded so I download the call and listen to it while I exercise in the morning.

There is an archive of all the calls they have done so far, with more to come. I highly recommend that you start with Barbara Marx Hubbard’s talk “The Feminine Co-Creator.” She has coined a new phrase: “regenopause” which refers to the post menopause opportunity for women, who, as she says, no longer produce reproductive eggs, but become the egg of creativity itself.

If you are ready for a bit of good news go to and register so you receive the notices of upcoming calls as well as access to the archive.

Men are welcome to participate, too, so if you men want to know what women are up to today, go ahead and register, too.

Stay tuned for more good news. There is a ton of it out there and I will be passing it on to you!

Jennifer T. Grainger

Your Travel Guide to 5th Dimensional Living Where You Experience MORE Joy and Less Struggle in Your Daily Life!


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