Are you a lightworker?

September 6th, 2009 by Jennifer Grainger

Some years ago I read the book Bringer’s of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak. It was the first time I’d come across the term “lightworker.” When I read it, something clicked inside of me. I thought “That’s what this is all about . . . I am a lightworker.”

The realization cleared up a lot of confusion I was feeling about having stepped on to the path of spiritual growth with no idea of why, or what it was all about. I just felt compelled to keep exploring the reality that exists beyond the range of my five senses.

When I told my (then) husband I was a lightworker, he said it sounded like I was an employee of the local utility company. I told him he shouldn’t make light of my calling . . . and we had fun with a bit of word play on the whole topic.

Anyway, if your heart is calling you to explore your spirituality, you are a lightworker . . . simple as that. And the world needs all the lightworkers it can get. You know the biblical phrase “many are called, but few are chosen?” I think it is likely that it means that many are called, but few choose to respond.

If you have responded by becoming interested in spiritual growth, you can be sure you are a lightworker here to assist humanity in its evolutionary leap into consciousness, and there is joyous celebration in the higher realms for your response.

This week at the Spiritual Growth Community monthly spiritual gathering at my home I channeled a message from my guide, Abraham that spoke directly to what lightworkers need to be doing now.

The channeled message is 29 minutes. If you’d like to listen to it on your computer left click here  Right click the link if you would like to download the .mp3.

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Love and light,

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