Beware the Power of Fear (a channeled message)

July 10th, 2009 by Jennifer Grainger


I was going through some old files looking for some written material on the Awakening Your Light Body class so I wouldn’t have to reinvent the explanations about light body for the announcements I’ll be sending out about the next series which starts in March, 2010.

I came across the text of a message I had channeled for myself in August of 2005. It is so pertinent to what is going on today.  Just another confirmation that we are being led and guided through this transition that is taking place.

Here is the text of the channeling. (Tell me what you think by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of this blog posting):

August, 2005


Beware the power of fear. It will make small your intentions to reach the light. Be courageous in your faith and trust that God/Goddess, All-That-Is, is constantly drawing you upwards to the light.

Fear causes you to look away from the light. Fear looks to past experiences to predict the future. The future is not created by the past, but by the Now. Every decision, every intention, every choice is a bit of “code” programming the reality of tomorrow.

Choose to focus on your highest intentions for yourself, your loved ones, your “enemies” and all of humanity. We are in this together, all realms of existence, as one-by-one you reach for the light and make the leap to your next higher level.

Surround yourself with beauty. Let go of that which drags you down. Speak your truth, with love and wisdom. Express your true feelings. Bring your inner self and your outer self into alignment. There is no harm that can come to you that is worse than being divided within yourself.

Big changes are in store for all. It is not the change, but the resistance to change that causes pain and suffering. With faith and trust draw upon your courage to declare your intention to let go of all that is not love in your life—to release to the highest good all that is not love, be it relationship, career, personal possessions.

Know that whatever vacuum is created will be filled with the new that matches your light. Focus on your personal and spiritual growth and all that is supportive of your awakening will be provided.


So there you have it. What do you think?

Love and light,


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