Imagination As Your Magic Wand

November 27th, 2008 by Jennifer Grainger

How many times were you told as a child, “Oh, that’s just your imagination,” as though your imagination was not “real.” The truth is imagination is the source of all creative endeavors. Someone had to imagine a railroad that crossed the United States before it could be planned and built. Someone had to imagine transplanting the heart of someone who had died into the body of someone whose own heart was failing in order for the first heart transplant to take place.

When you have a thought that is “magical” and you say to yourself, “oh that is probably just my imagination,” stop and pay attention. Ask yourself what is it that your deeper, wiser self (some might say soul) wants your personality self to bring to reality?

If you have been having a recurring idea of something you’d like to do, but you keep dismissing it as impractical, don’t have time for it, impossible to do . . . take some time and give your imagination a “workout.” Notice how good your body feels as your thoughts of fun, possibilities, and adventure activate your “feel good” endorphins.


Love and light,


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The Only Obstacle To Finding and Living Your Purpose

November 26th, 2008 by Jennifer Grainger

Susana & JenniferLast week Susana Atsatt, a spiritual teacher I have known for about 8 years, was my first ever telesession guest speaker. Since I had never hosted a speaker before I guessed the best way to prepare was to have an informal chat with Susana a few days ahead of time from which obvious “host” questions would become apparent.

Not so fast! As usual The Universe had its own agenda! (All for our highest good, of course.)

Our telesession title, which I had already broadcast prior to chatting with Susana, was Finding Your Purpose the Joyful, Struggle-Free Way.

Well, the more Susana and I talked, the more “issues” came to light about the journey to finding one’s purpose. And, the more “enlightened” Susana and I became about what purpose is anyway!

The learning never stops! In our chatting (which actually became a vehicle for spirit to speak through each of us to broaden our own understanding of purpose) we came to realize 3 things in ways we had not quite seen before:

  1. Plain and simple . . . the joyful, struggle-free way to find your purpose is to follow your heart with no regard to what other people think about what you are doing. We sort of knew that, but after our “chat” there was no doubt about it.
  2. The more we talked, the more we realized how deeply fearful people are (including us) of the unknown, of being criticized, and of “blowing up our lives” by doing what we want. We saw very clearly that fear is the only obstacle to living life On Purpose. And behind your biggest fear is your heart’s desire. Face down your fear, and your heart’s desire/purpose materializes in its place.
  3. In the end your Purpose is not what you do. It is not about choosing the perfect career. It is about how you feel when you are doing what you do. In Susana’s case, she has that joyful feeling that comes from being On Purpose when she is in service as a spiritual teacher, and in her job as a network engineer, as well as in her everyday life.

For me, I am a spiritual teacher most everywhere I go. I am On Purpose whether I am chatting with my hairdresser, the UPS driver, my kids, or deep in connection with a coaching client. My gift is to see the person at their soul essence and shine a light so they can see it too. My reward is when someone “sees the light,” it lights me up too!

BOTTOM LINE: When you are following your heart you can’t not be On Purpose. It is impossible. To be On Purpose you must overcome the obstacles of fear. None of us has accomplished that without a helping hand from someone who believed in us. Start by following your curiosity. Take classes, workshops, read books, do something like Yoga or Tai Chi, and hang around people who are on the path of spiritual awakening, while being open to finding a teacher.

Go here if you’d like to know what having a Spiritual Growth Coach and Mentor would do for you.

TIP: When the student is ready the teacher appears. I have had many teachers on my journey. You will too. Be wise in selecting a teacher. Everyone is different. Listen to your inner guidance that shows itself in how you feel. If being around a particular teacher makes you feel warm and fuzzy . . . great! If not . . . keep looking. Remember it is the journey not the destination that makes for the grand adventure of life!

P.S. Outgrowing a teacher is a normal progression of spiritual growth. Again, trust yourself to know when it is time to move on. Talk with your teacher when you are drawn to move on. A good teacher will bless and support you in whatever path you choose. This is your journey. No one knows better than you what is right for you! Trust that.

P.P.S. If you’d like to listen in on the telesession with Susana from last week, go here.

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