Fundamentalist New Agers

July 25th, 2008 by Jennifer Grainger


I finally have my blog back after a semi-disaster wiped it out. Well it is not exactly back because all the previous postings have been lost, but here we are all new and fresh.

So . . . I did an Open Forum teleclass last week on the topic There Are No Accidents, and in the discussion I mentioned that a lot of people new to spirituality simply replace their old paradigm belief system with a  new paradigm metaphysical/new age belief system. Of course it is easy to do, but sooner rather than later it is important to understand that belief systems of any kind (often referred to as B.S.) soon turn into rigid thought forms that leave no room for new information.

Take the spiritual principle “You create your own reality.” Well, of course, thoughts are things, and thoughts and behaviors of today are the foundation from which our future springs. BUT there is so much MORE to know about that principle, such as there is a dynamic mass consciousness out there effecting “reality” . . . and most of our thoughts are outside of our awareness, hidden in our subconscious/unconscious mind . .  . and what about the greater reality we are not aware of that is leading and guiding us to some great leap of growth that includes an unplanned (by us) or unintentional (by us) apparent sidetrack that is just exactly what we would have ordered had we consciously known what great gift it contained?

Here is where putting a fundamentalist spin on a spiritual principle really gets in the way of spiritual growth. It just becomes another outer-directed rule we use to think our way through a situation, instead of putting our attention inward and upward to get some discernment where the Universe is leading us.

Misuse of spiritual principles is rampant as more people begin the waking-up process. I’ll leave you with one misuse I engaged in for years! And that was the concept of “accepting and allowing.” I mixed that up with “tolerating.” I thought accepting and allowing meant that I needed to put up with any darn thing that showed up in my life, and be “spiritual” about it. If I got annoyed by something, I was not being spiritual because I wasn’t allowing. Wow, what balderdash (crap)!

Allowing just means acknowledging that what is happening is actually happening. It means not demanding that it be different than it is, that is complaining about it, BUT there are no extra angel points for putting up with balderdash. We are supposed to take action, or in some cases, the sensible thing to do is cease action,
or do whatever brings us peace. That could be to leave a situation. It could be to ask someone else to leave. It could be take action to change the situation. There is nothing spiritual about tolerating an intolerable situation.

How to spot a Fundamentalist New Ager: Something “bad” happens to you and they point out that it is your own fault because “You create your own reality.” You are involved in a car accident and get hurt pretty badly and they tell you “There are no accidents. It is your fault.” You will also notice a complete lack of compassion and caring for you.

So what do you think? Have you been on the receiving end of a Fundamentalist New Ager? Have you been a Fundamentalist New Ager. Oh boy, I was!

So right here, right now, I apologize to any and all to whom I ever spouted some useless spiritual principle to tell you how wrong you were in how you were living your life, when the spiritual thing to do would have been to show some compassion and say a few prayers for you.  I am reformed!

Tell me what you think . . .

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