The scoop from Occupy Wall Street

October 12th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger
Here is a beautiful essay on the heart and soul of occupy wall street. Truly the new dawn is rising. Power to the people and hallelujah, cooperation is replacing competition, love is overshadowing fear. The storm before the calm (title of Neale Donald Walsch’s new book) is perfectly reflected at occupy wall street.
(Mic Check/Occupy Wall Street) Posted: 10/10/11 03:49 PM ET
I have been watching and listening to all kinds of views and takes on Occupy Wall Street. Some say it’s backed by the Democratic Party. Some say it’s the emergence of a third party. Some say the protesters have no goals, no demands, no stated call. Some say it’s too broad, taking on too much. Some say it is the Left’s version of the Tea Party. Some say its Communist, some say it’s class warfare. Some say it will burn out and add up to nothing. Some say it’s just a bunch of crazy hippies who may get violent.
I have been spending time down at Zucotti Park and I am here to offer a much more terrifying view. What is happening cannot be defined. It is happening. It is a happening. It is a response to injustice and inequity and poverty and Wall Street corruption and soaring college debt and unemployment and homelessness, institutionalized racism and violence against women, the murdering of the earth, fracking and the keystone pipeline and the wars that the U.S. has waged on other countries that have destroyed them and bankrupted us here. It is a cry against what appears to be scarcity and what Naomi Klein calls a distribution problem and, I would add, a priority problem.
It is a spontaneous uprising that has been building for years in our collective unconscious. It is a gorgeous, mischievous moment that has arrived and is spreading. It is a speaking out, coming out, dancing out. It is an experiment and a disruption.
We all know things are terribly wrong in this country. From the death of our rivers, to the bankruptcy of our schools to our failed health care system, something at the center does not hold. A diverse group of teachers, thinkers, students, techies, workers, nurses, have stopped their daily lives. They have come to gather and reflect and march and lay their bodies down. They have come from all over the country and the world. Some have flown in just to be here. I met students last night from a college in Kentucky who had just arrived committed to sleeping out for two nights in solidarity.
Occupy Wall Street is a work of art, exploding onto a canvas in search of form, in search of an image, a vision. In a culture obsessed with product, the process of creation is almost unbearable. Nothing is more threatening than the moment, the living breathing ambiguity of now. We have been trained to name things, own things, brand things and in doing so control and consume them. Well, the genius of Occupy Wall Street is that so far it is not brandable and that’s what makes its potential so daunting, so far reaching, so inclusive, and so dangerous. It cannot be defined and so it cannot be sold, as a sound bite or a political party or even a thing. It can’t be summed up and dismissed. What is also most unusual about Occupy Wall Street is that the evolving self-governing practices at the twice-daily General Assembly and the organic way the park is being organized, are literally modeling a vision of the desired new world.
A rotating group of facilitators, a constant check to make sure all voices are heard, timekeepers, free medicine and medical help, composting, learning groups, a free library, learning circles, workshops on human rights, arts and culture, history, extraordinary speakers at open forums.
I had the fortune to spend the night with a group of about 30 occupiers — the talk could have gone on through the early morning. The depth of the conversation, the intensity of the seeking, the complexity of ideas were startling. But, what moved me even more was the respect, the way people listened to each other and honored and appreciated each other. I would like to encourage another take on Occupy Wall Street. I would like to ask that perhaps we stop trying to define it or own it or discount it or belittle it but instead to celebrate it. It should make New York proud. It should make this country proud.
We say all the time how we believe in democracy, that we want the people to speak and be heard. Well, the people are speaking. The people are experimenting. The people are crying out with the deepest hunger to build a better world. Maybe instead of labeling it, we could join it. There is so much to be done.
Because the city has forbidden the use of microphones and sound systems, the group is using a human microphone. This system of communication is compelling and metaphoric. The group is forced to repeat the words of the speaker so the speaker is forced to talk slowly, with less words at once. The audience is asked to listen in a whole new way and to actually help transmit the message to others. Accuracy and transparency are the crucial elements. To make sure the human microphone is working properly the speaker calls out Mike Check and the crowd repeats Mike Check and by doing this it becomes clear if the voice of the speaker is being carried through the entire crowd. I think our media needs a general Mike Check.
So last night I committed to creating a column that would carry the stories of the occupiers at the heart of the park. There are certain hand signals that are used in the group to signify response. My favorite is the signal for agreement, or something you like a lot . People lift their hands and wiggle their fingers. This has come to be called Upsparkles.
I have seen the people at Occupy Wall Street be demonized in the press and belittled and misrepresented and ridiculed. I want you to get a taste of the diversity and commitment, too. The magnificent Indian feminist who outlined the history of corporations and colonialism in three precise sentences or the buff white man who I assumed was a long-time activist the way he spoke for the need for distribution of wealth and freedom and only later did he confess to me privately that he worked on Wall Street, and although he felt guilty, he was working to change it within. Or the Latino man who said it was the first time he ever experienced really looking at anyone in the eyes and them looking back at him and he had not paid attention to his next door neighbors brother who he had written off as a thug and he ended up going to Iraq and getting killed there and now he knew there was so much more to that boy if he had only been looking. Or the older Jewish woman who told me she was there when they shut down NYU during Kent State and she had waited all these years for this to happen and it was her legacy.
There was talk of poverty and war and but the most repeated theme or desire was connection, how we are all connected, to dissolve the illusions that divide us. So here is the first offering of Ambiguous Upsparkles from the Heart of the Park. Here are the words of the brave creative resistor occupiers in the act of art or the art of act: Melanie Butler Every day of the first week of the encampment at Liberty Plaza was filled with the excitement that this was really happening; every day in the space was lived with the feeling that it could be our last.
The Occupy Wall Street community survived many tests that first week — torrential downpours, dwindling numbers, people dropping out due to illness and fatigue, and of course, constant police violence and brutality. As #occupywallstreet tweeted: Building community at #OccupyWallStreet is hard, esp. when facing constant eviction threats. Now we know how so many Americans feel. On the one-week anniversary of Liberty Plaza I watched the heart of our community galvanize before me. After the police attacked and pepper-sprayed protesters at Union Square and followed us down to our home in the park, we all prepared for a showdown. Paddy-wagons lined the streets. Masses of police officers lined the perimeter of the park, hands poised on guns, orange nets, and reams of zip-ties, while hundreds more assembled at the ready on the adjacent blocks.
We gathered for a General Assembly (GA), as we do every evening, in a unified, determined group under an intense cloud of imminent danger, and asserted that we were not afraid. We developed contingency plans for when the police swept the square. People lined the park with small candles, creating a buffer-zone between the police and our central organ, the GA. Drums and brass instruments played. Messages on the projector screen read “Love is the New Fear.” “Feeling good.” “We shall not be moved.” “In it for the long haul.” Older members of CODEPINK and the local activist community checked in or came by to see what was happening — asking, but not telling, what we were going to do. “We’re staying,” I told them. Some lingered on the outskirts like guardian angels, patiently, silently watching. “We’ve got your back.” The Occupy Wall Street bike bloc slowly circled the square in solidarity. “We are watching. We are with you.” I attached a hot pink “Make Solidarity Not War” sign to my back — added armor to go with the “Make Bikes Not War” signs adorning my bike — and joined them to burn off nervous energy.
Putting on a brave face, I told the bloc how a cashier at a nearby cafe refused to let me pay for my sandwich earlier that day when she found out I was part of the demonstration. Other cyclists chimed in with similar stories. One guy struck up a conversation about what we were doing while in line for the bathroom at McDonald’s and when he came out, the stranger he had been speaking with gave him a burger and fries. As the night progressed, something incredible happened. The police started to pack up and leave. The bike bloc continued to circle until we were sure our home was safe, and then did a final victory lap, bells ringing, lights flashing, flags waving. The community had survived and we had won.
Daniel Levine: “My name is Daniel and I have a story from the heart. Today I was riding the F train home to Brooklyn and a man came through, asking for spare change and any help. He said he was a veteran who would seek shelter at the Montrosse VA. I’ve been coming to Occupy Wall Street every day since Wednesday when we had the huge march in solidarity with the unions. I’m pretty poor right now and basically waiting on a student loan check to be able to pay my bills and expenses. When I’m in Zucotti I usually eat some of the amazing food that’s been donated by people from all over the world! So I thought I should tell this man about what was available. But I hesitated. I didn’t want to encourage anyone to come just to take advantage of the resources in Zucotti that are feeding the protesters, many of whom have been working tirelessly, or have come from as far as Colorado (and everywhere!) I don’t know where that moment of doubt came from, but the moment of clarity that shattered it was invigorating.
“You should come to Zucotti Park!” I said. I spoke to him about it for a minute. He’d read about Occupy Wall Street in the daily papers, but didn’t know about how things really went down there. Growing up in New York City, on some level we train ourselves to be desensitized to homelessness, to separate ourselves from it. But the division is false. I realized we were both 99 percenters. “Wow, thanks for the info!” he said. I have a feeling he’ll get there and be as inspired as I’ve been at what’s happening at the park. Maybe he’ll pick up a sign or people with a similar cause to get involved in. Whatever attracts people, the intellectual environment, their anger at the system, the friendly festival atmosphere, or even the free food, I think people will stay because what’s happening here is meaningful and real. And if America can’t feed its hungry, at least we can!
Some people say we lack a coherent message, but I think Zucotti park is about inclusiveness, seriousness, and the right to come together for positive change. i guess that’s just coherent enough for me!”
Jordan Dann: “After returning from Israel on a project a few weeks ago, I checked my Facebook feed upon landing at Newark International. With embarrassment I will admit that that is where the majority of my news comes from these days, I believe that the friends I trust will post stories and news that I should take note of. I had a friend visiting from out of town and, after we deposited our luggage, I suggested that we take a run across the Brooklyn Bridge and down to Zuccotti Park to see for ourselves what exactly was taking place. Upon arriving I encountered a group of kids holding signs, and a handful of people occupying the park, and I quickly dismissed it as temporary.
However, the sight of this group stayed with me. I found myself thinking about them for days and wondering why they were there. I found myself wondering if they knew why there were there. Most of all I found myself wondering what I would be standing for if I returned. I didn’t return for two weeks. I have a busy and glorious full life.
I am graced with a bounty of creative projects, work opportunities, and friendships that keep me feeling busy and full. I don’t have space or time for a cause. I don’t have energy to participate in a movement. How would my voice help?
A few days later I mentioned the movement to my best friend David and his response was, “Whatever. It won’t last” and, despite my disappointment about his response, on some level my own was confirmed, but then, a few days later, he texted me: “I’m sorry I was pessimistic about what is happening here. It’s something.” I still didn’t return. I’m busy. How can my voice count? Last Thursday, as I finished class, I received another text from David, “I’m here with your Dad at the park. Come.” When I arrived I was given a tour of the plaza by David. He pointed out the Information Booth, the “People’s Library”, the Media Center, the kitchen, the “Sacred Tree”, the sign making station, and on, and on. Then he grabbed my hand whisked me away to an impromptu dance party at Rector Street where a bike with amplification blasted Le Tigre’s song “New Kicks” as a beautiful group of people gyrated and grooved to the chorus of people chanting, “this is what democracy looks like” and sound bytes of Amy Goodman saying, “It isn’t enough to talk about peace, one must believe in it. It isn’t enough to believe in it, one must work at it. And we here today are working at it.”
” Garbage trucks stopped and lined up on the streets, honking their horns and pumping their fists in the air. Cab drivers got out and shouted “Occupy Wall Street.” Random passersby moved through the crowd of dancers and allowed themselves to be turned and spun by the dancers, shrugging to their friends saying “Why, not?” and “Come on. This is fun.” I am aware of the myths that I have unconsciously swallowed during my lifetime: that money is the most important thing to strive for and accumulate; that we are supposed to participate in the institution of marriage and be monogamous and procreate; that we are supposed to own real estate and go to Bed Bath & Beyond, and Ikea to purchase things to make a home so that we can invite friends into our space to show off what we have bought; and that we are supposed to dress in the latest fashion and be able to quote lines from popular television. Is this what makes a life? Despite my participation and acceptance of these myths this is not my American Dream. This is not my Human Dream.
I want a life that is based on my ability to authentically connect with other human beings and to offer goodness and health to the earth. I want to be a part of a world where people see one another, attune to one another, make space for ambiguity, and wait in silence for someone to find his or her words to articulate their individual and unique experience of life. I saw a lot of chaos at Zuccotti Park. I saw a lot of tarps and vagrants, and at many moments I felt like I was wondering around a sketchy Phish show lot, but beyond that I saw people connecting. People taking care of each other. People loving each other. People listening to each other and people talking to each other. I didn’t sleep that night. I lay awake wondering what a new world would look like. I had a restless night wondering what kind of world the other people occupying Zucotti Park wanted to create and what it would mean if my voice could be heard and I had the agency and power to shape a new world that I feel proud to be a part of.
Wendelin Regalado: I am poor. I learned this a few years ago when I left my block in Jersey City for college to pursue what my immigrant mother is still convinced (but less so nowadays, after having been unceremoniously fired from her job of 11 years) is the “American Dream”. There I also learned what it takes not to be poor and even if I were ever given the opportunity (there are quotas to fill everywhere) I would not take it. I will always be poor because I will never enrich myself at the expense of my people. Exploitation is the only way capital can be accumulated. There is something dehumanizing about this condition so that your soul screams an everlasting silent scream that only you can hear and can’t do anything about.
So I came out to face this contradiction: the dehumanization of poverty and the exploitation of capitalism. A block away from the park where the second General Assembly was being held, I heard the words “I love you.” The words were as swift as the man who said them, for when I looked back he was already five paces away. But they were as firm as those paces — heavy with determination, purpose, depth. His words permeated the air in Washington Square, and the air on the march, and the air in Zucotti Park. Love was EVERYWHERE!
This is the first in a series from Eve Ensler.

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Stop Following The Rules!

September 14th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

During the last week of August a major energetic shift took place on planet Earth. I just happened to be in Hawaii at the time visiting my friends Susana and Richard. Richard and Susana

I didn’t know there was a major astrological butt-kicking cosmological event taking place at the time, so I attributed the HUGE inner awakening I experienced to the fact that I was in Hawaii, which is known for its powerfully sacred energy, and also spending quality time with Susana.

I had arrived in Hawaii with an intact view of my life, but within a few days I noticed I had mentally accumulated a few additional puzzle pieces with no idea where they fit in. The word for this is confusion, a very high spiritual state of consciousness, so I am told!

Just because I know that my consciousness is always expanding doesn’t mean it is easy to dismantle what had been a perfectly good view of reality so I can make room for new information.

New information almost always means having to change something! Which means being in that void space for a while . . . no longer being where I was, and not yet knowing where I am going!

You see, Susana is one of the very few people I know who has made the evolutionary leap out of victim consciousness into complete self-responsibility for how she experiences life’s events. She views every less-than-wonderful experience as an opportunity for growth. She, and my daughter Kaydee, have been guiding lights for me in how to break free of the soul-sucking quicksand of victim consciousness.

Woven among our vacation activities of great meals, karaoke, touring North Shore delivering boxes of food to the less fortunate with the Hawaii Morehouse Community group, and taking an ocean dip at sunset, were very deep conversations in which Susana and I mirrored to each other unconscious beliefs and behaviors that were sabotaging our efforts at creating what we say we want.

Some of Susana’s perceptions of me painfully poked at cherished, heretofore unexamined values of what it means (to me) to be a good person. Her values seemed so at odds with what I thought a good person would embody.

I was shocked to recognize that my first thoughts were at the level of  “who is right and who is wrong.” (That is such victim mentality!) Worse I found myself labeling and judging Susana as being “wrong.” This only added to my confusion because my admiration for how fearlessly Susana walks her talk had led me to hold her in very high regard as a model for my own journey.

Once I was consciously aware of the labeling and judging I was doing, (and forgiving myself for such “lowly” behavior) I was lifted into a higher state of consciousness in which I was “told” that this was an opportunity for me to step more fully into my authentic self by turning inward, connecting with my own inner compass and sorting out what is true for me, what this event was asking me to become, and expanding my awareness/consciousness of how I interact with life.

I left Hawaii knowing I needed to sit with the confusion and allow the information to unfold in its own time.

It didn’t take long.

I “saw” how my mother and her mother, and all the women in my lineage for that matter, had navigated the centuries of the oppression of women through self-effacing behaviors that may have made their lives safe and tolerable, but which were BIG obstacles to me stepping into my authentic self and living my life On Purpose today.

These out-dated coping behaviors, buried in my subconscious mind as unexamined, limiting beliefs, showed up in my everyday life as “good manners” and “being polite.”

Wow! What hogwash when seen in the light of day!

When I fully saw how this had been operating in my life, I shifted. And as I shifted on the inside, my exterior life immediately shifted, too.

That’s how it works. The inner matches the outer. Change the inner, and the outer changes, just like magic.

Here is one of the big things that changed.

Some of you know that over a year ago I’d been guided to make space in my home for a housemate so I could develop community living skills. The space stood empty all this time, with not so much as a nibble.

Yet, as soon as I arrived home from Hawaii, there was an email from someone in my spiritual community who was looking for a room to rent. Wow! That space had stood vacant for a year and “all of a sudden” someone was interested.

I sent a reply saying I had a room for rent. That was at 10:30 on a Wednesday night. We met the following evening for an “interview,” and he moved in the following night.

Boom! Just like that. Apparently I needed to make this internal shift to be ready for this next phase of my journey.

BOTTOM LINE: It is our unconscious, limiting beliefs that are running the show. They are the source of what springs forth in our everyday lives. There are many ways in which we come to have these beliefs. Most have been programmed by our family, our culture, and the decisions we make about life as we experience upsetting events. And some people believe (I am one of them) that many of our unconscious, limiting beliefs are brought forth from past lives and the accumulated “wisdom of how life is” from our ancestral heritage. From these spring forth the Rules that drive our behaviors that create our lives.

TIP: Unconscious, limiting beliefs are nearly impossible to uncover on your own. Having a skilled friend who has transcended victim consciousness, and who is willing to hold the mirror for you, and whom you trust enough to hold your confidences, is a precious gift. If you don’t have someone in your life that fits that description, you can hire me as your coach and I will gently, but stalwartly hold the mirror for you, and then guide you through the shifting process and see you safely through to the other side.

P.S. The way you know if someone has transcended the hell of victim consciousness is that they no longer see life as happening “to them,” but as life happening “through them.” You will never hear them blame others, or life itself as the source of distress. They take full responsibility for how they experience the less-than-wonderful events in their lives. Blame and judgment are no longer part of their reality. They will have transcended the duality of “right/wrong” thinking into the higher state of oneness consciousness that harmonizes with life, rather than judges life as it unfolds for them.

So how is it going for you? Are you living the life of your dreams? How are you doing in transcending victim consciousness? I’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear what limiting beliefs you are uncovering in your life!

Love and light,


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It’s True, Life As We Know It Is Over, Yay!

May 23rd, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Well, May 21st has come and gone and we are still here . . . yet the essence of the prediction of the end of the world holds a great deal of truth . . . not that earth is going to explode and the “believers” will be beamed up to heaven . . . but that the way humanity has occupied earth for thousands of years is rapidly on the way out.

Interestingly (to me anyway) is that just about a year ago I had written an article called “The Beginning is Near” ( ). And interestingly, (to me, again) it was right after I had begun teaching the 6 month course “Awakening Your Light Body.”

So in that vein that article is quite relevant to today since this past Saturday I started that course again with 20 brave souls who are wanting change. And, it was also the day (May 21st) that the end of the world was to take place . . . quite a coincidence considering I had established that course date a year ago.

There are so many wonderful things happening that you will never hear about in mainstream media ( the better to keep the populace afraid and easily manipulated in to buying “security” at the price of freedom.  But then that is another story.)  that will shift us into “heaven on earth.”

If you’d like some good news subscribe to Ode the magazine for Intelligent Optimists. It will open your eyes to the new technologies, like glass highways (Click here: Solar highways. [VIDEO] ) that will generate enough electricity to power the world,  and indoor farms  ( ) being created in abandoned factories that will supply local food year round, and on and on.

Yes, the end of the world as we know it: dictatorships, pain, misery and suffering for the masses, corporate greed, political shenanigans, blah, blah, blah,  is happening and the new beginning of co-creative partnership among all people is in the birth canal, so to speak! Once we get through the labor pains, we need to nurture it to adulthood, first by believing it is possible, and then tapping into the information channels that report the good news that we can put our attention on.

Oh, BTW, did I mention that the glass highways will use recycled garbage from landfills and the oceans, as a substrate. The heck with buying gold, just start saving your garbage, there will a hot market for it sooner rather than later.


Love and light

Jennifer, your consciousness coach!

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More amazing wonders coming soon!

April 21st, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Want a peek into the future that is closer than you think? Take a look at this video sent to me by my friend, Celeste Leonetti. It is an amazing preview of what’s to come in how we navigate daily life.

I was thinking about what my guides have been saying that “life as we know it is over, and to not be afraid.”  Now that I am seeing all the technology just on the horizon I get this picture of an angel appearing to a cave dweller telling them that life as they know it is over . . . and the fear the cave dweller might have because of not being able to imagine things like grocery stores so food was always available, central heat and air for physical comfort all year round, cars and planes to travel the world . . . changes that bring more comfort, pleasure, safety and opportunity to thrive!

So the “don’t be afraid” message of my guides is telling us that the best is yet to come, just as it was for the cave dweller.

And yes it is!

Love and light

Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Consciousness Coach and Visionary

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forget bank loans, connect with new commerce

April 20th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

As my guides have been saying for quite a while now, life as we know it is over, BUT the best is yet to come. Check out this terrific  new way to fund your brilliant business idea without spending a dime. Go to and check it out. It is a funding platform that is completely new.

If you have a creative project in mind, be it music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing or other creative field, you’ll find this a great place to get the funding for your project.

All or nothing funding. On Kickstarter, a project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands, which allows anyone to test their concept without risk.

If you do a Kickstarter project, please let me know.


Love and light,

Jennifer Grainger
Consciousness Coach and Visionary

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Making the Leap into 4th Dimensional Reality

February 9th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Mass consciousness has been stuck in three dimensional reality for centuries. It was easy to manipulate us with fear (of going to hell, mostly) in order to hijack our willingness to do as we were told by those in authority, be it church, state, culture, or what have you. Our desire to avoid punishment and to secure reward was enough to get us to follow the rules.

But something happened in the 1960s . . . a whole generation of young people woke up and decided to question conventional wisdom.  It was common to see “Question Authority” bumper stickers on their flower-power decorated VW buses.

Then in the 1970s Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem raised the consciousness of women, encouraging them to throw off their subservient role and demand equality. Since then we’ve had 40 years of women developing their masculine side in order to compete in the workplace.

No question there is a new paradigm emerging. The question is . . . will mass consciousness make the leap out of the limits of three dimensional reality that has as its only navigational tools that which the five senses can detect and the rational mind can understand?

Or will the masses be willing to explore the fourth dimensional reality that encompasses the wisdom of the heart, and the knowings of a fully functioning sixth sense?

I think the answer is some will, and some won’t.

It takes courage to suspend the belief in the superiority of the rational mind, while doing what it takes to ignite and develop your sixth sense. It was definitely risky for me twenty years ago to practice following my heart to see where it would lead me. In fact, when faced with a decision that had important consequences I would revert back to relying on my ability to figure things out, not trusting my heart and soul to have input.

It has taken most of these past twenty years for me to ignite, develop and then integrate my sixth sense with my already well-developed five senses, while also creating a harmonious relationship between my head and my heart.

I believe that humanity has been led to this very moment in time when many of us have enough consciousness to make a leap into becoming conscious co-creators with life.

When we have integrated all our senses, and trust our own inner wisdom above any self-appointed outside authority it will be very difficult for those wishing to manipulate us to do so.

So it is no surprise that those who have enjoyed the privileged authority positions are not going to give up without a fight. Their weapon of choice will be as it has always been . . . fear.

Only instead of fear of being burned at the stake, or having one’s head chopped off, it will be fear of terrorists, or losing your job, or your house, or home invasions, or whatever they can come up with to keep you terrified and unable to think clearly.

So for each individual it all boils down to whether one is going to make a leap of faith in the direction of evolution and listen to their own inner-guidance, or be paralyzed with fear and “play it safe,” demanding that “they” (government, corporations, etc.) do something to make their life work.

For months now, my guides have been telling us at our Wednesday night gatherings that the cosmic energies raining down on the planet are dispersing people into their energetically vibratory matching groups. Those who cling to third dimensional reality, that which is limited to what the five senses can detect and the rational mind can understand, and who look outside of themselves for guidance and direction, (think dogmatic religion) will come together in groups.

Those who are willing to do the work to expand their consciousness to include fourth dimensional reality will also come together in groups. The difference is their focus will be on consciously creating communities of people who embrace diversity and intend to live cooperatively. They are influenced by messages of unconditional love, sharing and caring for each other and the planet.

BOTTOM LINE: We are in a time of extremely rapid change. Life as we have known it is all but over. We are on the threshold of a new beginning that offers the opportunity to create heaven on earth for ourselves. It is our choice how we progress through this transition time. If we choose fear, we will create what we are most afraid of. However, we do have the choice to disengage from the fear-based culture and connect with like-hearted conscious co-creators and create a world of peace, harmony and joy for ourselves.  From that perspective, the choice is kind of a no-brainer, right?

TIP: We were all born with a fully functioning sixth sense. For most of us it got shut down early on by being told that what we “saw” and what we “heard” was “just your imagination.” If you set your intention to reconnect with, and develop, your sixth sense, you will be led to exactly the avenues most suited to you to become fully conscious at a fourth dimensional level.

P.S. We will be doing some exercises to strengthen your sixth sense at our 3rd Annual Spring Retreat coming up on Saturday, March 5th. It will be a day to retreat, regroup, replenish, and to gather the strength to take a stand for yourself in ditching old duties, obligations and commitments that bog down your heart’s desire and soul’s journey. This is a day that will go a long way to maximizing your JOY and minimizing struggle in your daily life.

P.P.S. I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life. Are you getting sick and tired of suffering from anxiety and uncertainty about what is going to happen in your life? What have you tried that has helped to relieve the suffering? What have you tried that hasn’t worked?  Leave your comments below. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Love and light,
Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Your Consciousness Coach!

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Peace Begins When Hunger Ends

December 2nd, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

What better gift to give to our family and loved ones in this Holiday time than an investment in World Peace? Have you heard about Heifer, International? They make it possible for ordinary people like us to give gifts of cows, goats, chicks, bees or trees for fuel to provide poor families the “seeds” to become self-sustaining.

When the original gift animal reproduces, the offspring are given to other villagers so the whole region can become self-sustaining.

For the price of an iPhone you can take a stand for World Peace. And, hey, who doesn’t want that?!

Go to and do a little shopping for World Peace. Seriously, who needs another electronic gadget that is going to be obsolete in 6 to 9 months and end up in the landfill when you can make a REAL difference in the world?

I mean this is the “peace on earth, good will to men” season, right?

Love and light


provide everything from rabbits to water buffalo to

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Will You Let Go Gracefully?

August 13th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Have you ever seen a planned building-demolition? I’m not talking about the old-fashioned wrecking-ball kind of demolition that takes days to complete. I’m talking about strategically placed explosives that cause a building to collapse into a pile of rubble in seconds.

Click this YouTube link to see for yourself!

Most of us have experienced more than a few life-demolitions here and there. Some have been the slow, tortuous wrecking-ball type, and others have been the instant implosion. Even the voluntary ones, like a friendly divorce, or leaving the area we grew up in, or quitting a job to take a better one, etc. can be tinged with regret, or even grief.

The really heart-wrenching life-demolitions are those we did not plan, and do not want, like the death of a loved one, loss of a job, instantaneous evaporation of life savings, and so on.

I bring this up because during Tuesday’s Spiritual Growth Community teleclass a picture of a disintegrating twelve story building came into my mind with the message that when the old is collapsing we can mourn the loss, or be aglow with anticipation of the new.

This is so apropos of the current evolutionary phase humanity is experiencing when life as we know it is collapsing . . . some in whack-bang-crunch wreaking-ball style, and some in spectacular implosions! Add to that the powerful astrological configurations that are pelting the planet with life-changing energetic vibrations, and there is plenty of reason to be feeling more emotional, more physically tired, more out of balance, more out of sync with those around us, and really sick and tired of worrying about the future, while looking for signs that things are getting back to "normal."

BAD NEWS: Life as we know it is all but over. Instability is the new normal. Think flowing river. Think constant motion. Think rapids. If, by chance, a placid pool does form, it is soon awash in algae, stagnant and stinky.

GOOD NEWS: "All heaven is breaking loose, and the effects will be felt for a long time to come," says astrologer Allison Rae. "New forms are taking shape even as the old forms fall away. It’s still early to fully harvest the new. It’s more that an energetic imprint is established at this time for later manifestation in the physical realm. When we’re flowing with the energies, the feeling is incredibly light and free, optimistic and joyful. It’s also easy to get caught up in the chaos and feel overwhelmed or helpless."

As many of you know, in this time of instability and uncertainty, I am being impulsed to explore community living, visioning it as the new normal lifestyle for us humans. The last thing my ego wants is to give up my privacy, my individuality, and my sense of propriety.

I love doing what I want, when I want, how I want, whenever I want. I relish my me, me, me lifestyle. Well the Universe sent me a message gram: "Too bad, sister, times are changing and you can stay ahead of the curve or be dragged along in the undertow, which by the way will be so not fun!"

Well . . . alrighty then . . . 

I’ve done my part. I have rearranged my living space to create an equitable division of my home to share with an "evolutionary partner" who wants to join me in exploring and expanding our community living skills. I’ve begun distributing information about what I am offering and what skills I am wanting to develop to make me more community-living friendly. I am living in the unfolding as the Universe does its part by creating paths that will cross and connect me with the perfect person to participate in this phase of my growth. Click here to see the invitation webpage.

BOTTOM LINE: Once you "get it" that there is no going back to the way things have been, it is easier to let go and make space for the new to emerge. It is going to happen . . . the question is will you go with the flow or be dragged along kicking and screaming while the inevitable evolution transpires? The quicker you can let go of what is not working and let the new emerge, the easier the transition will be.

TIP: Stay focused on how you want to feel, and do what you can to accommodate that. (Sometimes something as simple as a nap will do wonders!)

P.S. Keep your focus on yourself. Do your inner work. Clear your unconscious, limiting beliefs. Take responsibility for how you experience your life.

P.P.S. Surround yourself with like-hearted people. They will be your life-line to sanity in these crazy times!

So how are you experiencing the lack of stability in your life? Where have you surrendered to "what is" and let go of needing to control the outcome? Do you feel you are surfing the chaos and navigating the flow with grace and ease, or do you find yourself drowning in the undertow? Or somewhere in between? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments below.

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