Are Caterpillars Afraid to Become Butterflies?

October 14th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Does a caterpillar experience fear and anxiety as it
enters the end of its life cycle when it begins forming
its own coffin (chrysalis)?

Does it know that the only life it has known,
crawling and munching its way through leaves,
is going away forever?

Does it have any idea that its earthbound caterpillar
body is going to completely dissolve into a mushy goo
and from that goo emerge a butterfly . . . free to fly?

What if you knew (without a doubt) that the complete
destruction of life as you have known it is a perfect
evolutionary process from which you will emerge as
a transformed being . . . one that is free to live the
joyful, abundant life that your heart and soul are meant
to live?

Wouldn’t that take the fear out of watching the obvious
daily disintegration of life as we have known it that is
taking place in every sector . . . education . . . health care
. . . government, not to mention the obvious world-wide
collapse of the monetary system?

Imagine what it would be like to trade in the fear and anxiety
for anticipation and excitement about the new that is emerging!
And there is plenty of great things rising up to replace what is
disintegrating . . . you just don’t hear about in mainstream media.

For more than a year my spirit guides have been telling us that
we have nothing to fear . . . to not struggle to hang on to anything
that is leaving, for it is making room for much greater joy and
happiness to enter.

We all needs reminders that we are co-creators in our lives.
Nothing is happening to us. Life is happening through us.

Granted there are monumental challenges ahead. Challenges are
how we grow. My spirit guides have told us we are co-creating
the future we are stepping into. What we focus on today is setting
into motion what we will experience tomorrow.

Here are 5 principles that will help you stay focused on creating
what you want, NOT what you DON’T want!

1. You always get what you think about, whether you want it or not.

2. What you focus on expands, what you are grateful for multiplies.

3. Worrying is wishing for what you don’t want . . . and getting it!
(Say nay to worry!)

4. You never run out of money, you only run out of ideas.
(Get quiet, open your mind and heart and be prepared to be inspired!)

5. Every adversity has within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.
Napoleon Hill said that. He also said “What the mind of man (or woman)
can conceive and believe, he (she) can achieve.”

BOTTOM LINE: You can’t think clearly when you are afraid. Right this
minute some divinely inspired person is setting forth on a project that will
serve millions and make millions!

In order for you to receive this always-available inspiration that
can turn your life’s lemons into lemonade, you must take control of what
you are willing to give your attention to.

Turn away from mainstream media that is based on fear, fear and more fear.
Evict negative people from your social circle. If you can’t make them go away,
then simply stop engaging in the “ain’t it awful” dialogs with them.

TIP: Take charge of what comes to your inbox. Replace the bad news with the
massive amounts of GOOD NEWS available every day, if you just know where
to look (it won’t be in mainstream, that’s for sure!)

Subscribe to Ode: the magazine for Intelligent Optimists! Check out
the Good News Network (, Take a
peek at The Shift Network ( Listen to
some of the recordings from the recent Healthy Money Summit (

Pretty soon you’ll be in “the loop” of the good news emails. Are you ready
to trade in doom and gloom for bloom and blossom? Then do it! Your choices
are creating your life, decision by decision. That is how powerful you are!

P.S. If you’d like to get on the fast track of living the life you were born to live,
take a look at my Be the Woman You Were Born to Be program. Just go to and click on Life Sculpting Coaching and sign up for
the free 20 minute introductory session. If you are feeling stuck in your life, or
worse than stuck, running as fast as you can on a treadmill going nowhere, I guarantee that in our free 20 minute session I will open the doorway to your next step that will lead you in the direction of creating the life you’d love to live!

P.P.S. Keep an eye out for your email invitations to join me on the
1st and/or 3rd Thursday evenings each month at my home in Lodi, or the
4th Wednesday of each month in Stockton at Dragonfairy metaphysical store
for the Oasis in the Midst of Chaos gathering.

You’ll  hear an inspiring message from my guide and experience a guided meditation that will take you deep inside to connect with your own inner wisdom. These evenings are like a complete reboot of your energy systems. You’ll get realigned with your soul’s destiny and start again with a clean slate when you return to your everyday life so that you can surf the chaos and navigate the flow of this evolutionary leap all of humanity is taking.

Give me a call if you have questions. 209-369-6188.

OK. So what do you think? Where are you in the metamorphosis process in your life? Still “crawling and munching leaves?” Sitting in a puddle of “goo?” Working your way out of the chrysalis? Waiting for your wings to dry? Flying free?

Just click on the “comment” link below and enter your thoughts there. I’d love to hear from you!

This newsletter is published on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. I’ll “see” you in our next newsletter on October 26th.

Love and light


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Stop Following The Rules!

September 14th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

During the last week of August a major energetic shift took place on planet Earth. I just happened to be in Hawaii at the time visiting my friends Susana and Richard. Richard and Susana

I didn’t know there was a major astrological butt-kicking cosmological event taking place at the time, so I attributed the HUGE inner awakening I experienced to the fact that I was in Hawaii, which is known for its powerfully sacred energy, and also spending quality time with Susana.

I had arrived in Hawaii with an intact view of my life, but within a few days I noticed I had mentally accumulated a few additional puzzle pieces with no idea where they fit in. The word for this is confusion, a very high spiritual state of consciousness, so I am told!

Just because I know that my consciousness is always expanding doesn’t mean it is easy to dismantle what had been a perfectly good view of reality so I can make room for new information.

New information almost always means having to change something! Which means being in that void space for a while . . . no longer being where I was, and not yet knowing where I am going!

You see, Susana is one of the very few people I know who has made the evolutionary leap out of victim consciousness into complete self-responsibility for how she experiences life’s events. She views every less-than-wonderful experience as an opportunity for growth. She, and my daughter Kaydee, have been guiding lights for me in how to break free of the soul-sucking quicksand of victim consciousness.

Woven among our vacation activities of great meals, karaoke, touring North Shore delivering boxes of food to the less fortunate with the Hawaii Morehouse Community group, and taking an ocean dip at sunset, were very deep conversations in which Susana and I mirrored to each other unconscious beliefs and behaviors that were sabotaging our efforts at creating what we say we want.

Some of Susana’s perceptions of me painfully poked at cherished, heretofore unexamined values of what it means (to me) to be a good person. Her values seemed so at odds with what I thought a good person would embody.

I was shocked to recognize that my first thoughts were at the level of  “who is right and who is wrong.” (That is such victim mentality!) Worse I found myself labeling and judging Susana as being “wrong.” This only added to my confusion because my admiration for how fearlessly Susana walks her talk had led me to hold her in very high regard as a model for my own journey.

Once I was consciously aware of the labeling and judging I was doing, (and forgiving myself for such “lowly” behavior) I was lifted into a higher state of consciousness in which I was “told” that this was an opportunity for me to step more fully into my authentic self by turning inward, connecting with my own inner compass and sorting out what is true for me, what this event was asking me to become, and expanding my awareness/consciousness of how I interact with life.

I left Hawaii knowing I needed to sit with the confusion and allow the information to unfold in its own time.

It didn’t take long.

I “saw” how my mother and her mother, and all the women in my lineage for that matter, had navigated the centuries of the oppression of women through self-effacing behaviors that may have made their lives safe and tolerable, but which were BIG obstacles to me stepping into my authentic self and living my life On Purpose today.

These out-dated coping behaviors, buried in my subconscious mind as unexamined, limiting beliefs, showed up in my everyday life as “good manners” and “being polite.”

Wow! What hogwash when seen in the light of day!

When I fully saw how this had been operating in my life, I shifted. And as I shifted on the inside, my exterior life immediately shifted, too.

That’s how it works. The inner matches the outer. Change the inner, and the outer changes, just like magic.

Here is one of the big things that changed.

Some of you know that over a year ago I’d been guided to make space in my home for a housemate so I could develop community living skills. The space stood empty all this time, with not so much as a nibble.

Yet, as soon as I arrived home from Hawaii, there was an email from someone in my spiritual community who was looking for a room to rent. Wow! That space had stood vacant for a year and “all of a sudden” someone was interested.

I sent a reply saying I had a room for rent. That was at 10:30 on a Wednesday night. We met the following evening for an “interview,” and he moved in the following night.

Boom! Just like that. Apparently I needed to make this internal shift to be ready for this next phase of my journey.

BOTTOM LINE: It is our unconscious, limiting beliefs that are running the show. They are the source of what springs forth in our everyday lives. There are many ways in which we come to have these beliefs. Most have been programmed by our family, our culture, and the decisions we make about life as we experience upsetting events. And some people believe (I am one of them) that many of our unconscious, limiting beliefs are brought forth from past lives and the accumulated “wisdom of how life is” from our ancestral heritage. From these spring forth the Rules that drive our behaviors that create our lives.

TIP: Unconscious, limiting beliefs are nearly impossible to uncover on your own. Having a skilled friend who has transcended victim consciousness, and who is willing to hold the mirror for you, and whom you trust enough to hold your confidences, is a precious gift. If you don’t have someone in your life that fits that description, you can hire me as your coach and I will gently, but stalwartly hold the mirror for you, and then guide you through the shifting process and see you safely through to the other side.

P.S. The way you know if someone has transcended the hell of victim consciousness is that they no longer see life as happening “to them,” but as life happening “through them.” You will never hear them blame others, or life itself as the source of distress. They take full responsibility for how they experience the less-than-wonderful events in their lives. Blame and judgment are no longer part of their reality. They will have transcended the duality of “right/wrong” thinking into the higher state of oneness consciousness that harmonizes with life, rather than judges life as it unfolds for them.

So how is it going for you? Are you living the life of your dreams? How are you doing in transcending victim consciousness? I’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear what limiting beliefs you are uncovering in your life!

Love and light,


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Ready or Not, I AM Coming Out!

August 24th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Did  you ever see the classic “I Love Lucy” episode where she and Ethel are working in the chocolate factory? The one where they’re trying to keep up with the conveyor belt delivering the candies for wrapping? It reminds me of the speed at which “opportunities for growth” have been coming at all of us!

Keeping up with this evolutionary transition of letting go of the old, while embracing the new is affecting everyone . . .  aristocrats, peasants, and the weary middle class alike. Everyone, everywhere, is feeling it in some, or even many, areas of their lives.

What I have been letting go of is hiding behind my computer and my role as spiritual teacher who is here simply to hold the space for people to explore their spirituality . . . a lovely and worthwhile venture, and also one that has been quite safe!

What I have been called to do is to be a stand for growing past old social and cultural values that keep people, and particularly women, restrained from living their destiny and contributing what it is they are here to contribute.

My taking a stand that says the old values of duty, obligation, commitment, loyalty, compromise, sacrifice for the good of the family, etcetera are not only outdated, but they’ve become obstacles to living your destiny . . . well, that has ruffled more than a few feathers!

As one who was often sent to my room because I was “too sensitive,” (my feelings were easily hurt) being willing to make myself a possible target for airborne rotten fruit by publically challenging these cherished values is a big coming out!

Yet these old values are the very dragons at the gateway to higher consciousness that must be slain in order for us to live our lives On Purpose as our Authentic Selves and do what it is we came here to do!

I’ve been in the in-between stage for quite a few months now . . . continuing to hold small spiritual gatherings in my home, and teaching the very esoteric Awakening Your Light Body course, while at the same time taking to the stage giving talks and getting very clear on how to make myself visible to the people I was born to serve . . . the women who are living the story that was once my story . . . the women who are looking for the “way out” that I found, and am here to reveal.

You see, growing up I was trained to be a cross between Betty Crocker and Cinderella. When the fairytale didn’t materialize (despite the fairytale wedding), I, of course, concluded it was my fault. Somehow I must not be doing it right.

I so desperately wanted to make the fairytale come true, that without my really realizing it, my Betty-rella persona morphed into a Stepford wife, and there I lived for decades with a low-grade unhappiness most of the time, wishing and hoping and trying to fix things so my husband would change. Then we could live happily ever after.


Now that’s a fairytale!

It has been a very long journey of looking for my happiness to come from someone or something outside of myself. It took time, courage, determination, and lots of support from teachers and mentors (who seemed to show up just when I needed them) to discover that not only am I the creator of my reality, but also that I am the final authority in my life.

Embracing the truth that no one outside of me has the right to dictate to me what my calling is and how I am allowed to answer the call is an awesome responsibility and an amazing freedom. This freedom to answer the call of my destiny was birthed by the previous generations of astonishingly courageous women who rose up against suppression and oppression of feminine power and paved the way for today’s women to stand fully in their power, if they so choose.

The key phrase is “if they so choose,” because choosing to stand fully in one’s power most often means defying the status quo by rocking the boat, or even jumping ship. This is usually not well received by the one who has taken for granted their right to the role of Captain!

As we speak (so to speak) I am preparing to “come out” as Jennifer T. Grainger, Life Sculptor, showing women who bought the fairytale, like I did, how to carefully carve away what’s not working in their lives, and guiding them as they reshape what remains into the life they were born to live, and that their hearts and souls are pleading for!

That’s what I did. And, rotten fruit be damned, I am gonna’ be shouting it from the rooftops that you can do it, too!

BOTTOM LINE: It took me 20 years to piece it together that what was missing in my life was me! Be on the lookout for the launch of my new Life Sculpting Coaching Program to teach “fairytale weary” women how to uncover their Authentic selves, and do in months what took me years!

This newsletter is published on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. I’ll “see” you in our next newsletter September 14th.

Love and light,

P.S. I’d love to hear from you. Did you buy the fairytale too? Is there someone in your life who believes they have the right to dictate to you how to live your life? Are you ready to choose to stand in your power and declare yourself as the one who has the final say so of how you live your life? Please do make your comments below. I really do want to know how you are moving forward in your life!

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Making the Shift from Being Outer-Directed to Inner-Directed

August 9th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Just like most of you, I am in the midst of major transitions, both
internally in my personal and spiritual growth, and externally in
restructuring my right livelihood (business restructure).

One of the reasons you haven’t heard from me in a while is I’ve
been in spiritual boot camp for the last several months. That’s
where spirit kicks the sh*t out of you to demand that you step into
being the person you were born to be.

Turns out that all these years I’ve been hiding behind my website,
my guides and my writing, thinking I could do what I came to do
without risking the visibility and vulnerability that comes with
public speaking.

It is so much easier to just close my eyes, open my mouth and let
the Ascended Masters speak through me. Yet it became clear
that my mission is to go public
to let people know how to shift from being outer-directed (living from the programming we got as kids) to being inner-directed (reconnected to our 6th sense/inner-wisdom) and living the life we were born to live.

What makes me a credible expert in that department is that I was born an
ordinary person with no discernable psychic abilities. Seriously, I was
dense as mud at the beginning of my journey,
and I’ve had to work at developing my psychic abilities so that I could honestly say, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

At the moment, I am sort of in the “drying my butterfly wings” stage of
being a public speaker.
I did two presentations in the past two weeks . . .
both on the topic of Unleashing Your Natural Knowingness.

Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. Tough as spiritual boot camp
was, having lived through it (what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, haha)
it is exciting to be on this new adventure.

My focus has expanded from creating a safe haven for solitary spiritual seekers to gather with like-hearted people through the Spiritual Growth Community, to getting out there and shouting from the rooftops . . .

Hey, people, wake up!

You are powerful co-creators in your own life and you don’t even know it!

Your attention has been directed away from who you truly are!

Come learn how to see, sense and hear the reality that is beyond the ability
of your five senses to detect and your rational mind to understand!

That’s what my first mentor, Judy Reis, did for me in 1989.

Feedback I got from my first two talks made me realize I’d forgotten how daunting it is to make the shift from being outer-directed to being inner-directed.

When I spoke of the values and concepts that I take for granted today, I forgot how unsettling and mind-blowing these concepts were to me when they were new.

So I have a lot to learn on how to convey to people that the emerging new paradigm is upon us, and not only will the old values not serve us, they will get in the way of being able to safely “surf the chaos and navigate the flow” in these evolutionary times.

I’ll be doing lots more public speaking, and offering new teleclasses and
workshops as well as making more space to do one-on-one coaching with people ready to fast track into living the life they were born to live instead of the life they were trained to live.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for your email invitations to join me on the 1st and/or 3rd Wednesday evenings each month at my home in Lodi, or the 4th Wednesday of each month in Stockton at Dragonfairy metaphysical store for the Oasis in the Midst of Chaos gathering where I am totally in my comfort zone (ahhh) of channeling the Ascended Masters and leading guided meditations to connect with your own inner wisdom. Give me a call if you have questions. 209-369-6188.

THE BOTTOM LINE REMAINS THE SAME: We are in a time of extremely rapid change. Life as we have know it is all but over. We are on the threshold of a new beginning that offers the opportunity to create heaven on earth for ourselves. It is our choice how we progress through this transition. If we choose fear, we will create what we are most afraid of. However, we do have the choice to disengage from the fear-based culture and connect with like-hearted, conscious co-creators, and create a world of peace, harmony and joy for ourselves. From that perspective, the choice is kind of a no-brainer, right?

I’d love to hear your comments of what you are experiencing in these turbulent times. Just leave your comment below!

Love and light

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Leaping and LANDING into 4th Dimensional Reality

June 29th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

I find it quite ironic that the last newsletter I published was on February 9, 2011. Five long months ago. It was titled Making the Leap into 4th Dimensional Reality. And, it is quite apparent to the casual, and not so casual observer, that I’ve been lost in space ever since!

Ricocheting between the quicksand of 3rd dimensional reality, and the subtle energies of the 4th dimension, and the ascension energies of the 5th dimension, truly demonstrates that there can be quite a GAP between the leaping and the landing.

How the heck was I supposed to know I was biting off more than I could (comfortably) chew!? It looked exciting and fun at the time, and my Guides were saying “jump in, the water is fine.” Yeah, right!

Well, as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

Roller Coaster does not begin to describe my journey of the last five months. It has been more like repeated rocket blast-offs only to crash land before reaching orbit, again, again and again. Yet each time I emerged from the crash site an upgraded version of my former self (on the way to becoming my Authentic 5th dimensional Self, I presume!).

Let me take a brief moment to applaud the Spiritual Growth Community members who never (visibly) wavered in their support as they watched me shift, and shift, and shift again, all the while hearing me proclaim with each shift, with certainty, that I had safely landed in new territory. (Watch the bouncing Jennifer!)

Of course it is possible, even probable, that my shifting is not yet complete. After all, I am only now comfortably occupying 4th dimensional reality, and my guides, along with a multitude of sages, seers, and astrologers have been saying for quite some time that life as we know it is over— that the best is yet to come—and that we are absolutely co-creating the future we are evolving into.

The most beautiful thing about this five month journey is how guided, protected and supported I have been by a Legion of Light Beings ranging from my Guardian Angel to more than a few Ascended Masters. These Beings are beaming tremendous love and support to all Light Workers as we wend our way through this very difficult transition into living as 5th dimensional beings.

I, for one, had grown more than weary of all the growing, the changing, the putting one foot in front of the other year after year after year, only to find myself up the proverbial waterway with no visible means of motivation over, and over, and over.

I have been on this journey for more than 20 years, and I can truthfully tell you I had gotten plenty sick of it. Telling me I had signed up for this, and what a privilege it was to be here now to participate in this grand transition, didn’t do one thing to make me feel better! I was certain if I had known how hard it was going to be, I never would have agreed, if in fact, I actually did!

But, like any birthing, once the baby is born, or in this case, the transition made from 3rd to 4th dimension, all memory of the pain and agony has dissolved into pure joy and happiness. At least that is how I feel today, and it has been a long time since I have felt the joy and bliss that comes from knowing who I am, and why I am here.

During these past five months I have known that the Spiritual Growth Community was evolving into a new expression. One of the major shifts I made (certain it was the permanent landing place at the time) was the realization that “spiritual growth” is really nothing more than “becoming conscious,” and there is nothing very mysterious about that. I saw my role shifting into one of making the idea of becoming conscious “mainstream-friendly.”

From that sprang the realization that re-igniting our sixth sense, of which our intuition is a major component, was the new direction. Each time I thought “this is it,” new aspects presented themselves.

So . . . although I know something new is in the offing, I am not quite sure what it is, exactly.

However, there are a couple of things I can say for certain (well as certain as anything can be during these turbulent, unstable times of transformation):

1. I am changing the name of this newsletter to “Awaken Your Intuition & Create the Life You Deserve.”

2. The Spiritual Growth Community is in the process of evolving into being more centered on developing the sixth sense that we are all born with, but most of us shut down early on to fit in.

BOTTOM LINE: We are in a time of extremely rapid change.  We are on the threshold of a new beginning that offers the opportunity to create heaven on earth for ourselves. It is our choice how we progress through this transition. If we choose fear, we will create what we are most afraid of. However, we do have the choice to disengage from the fear-based culture and connect with like-hearted, conscious co-creators, and create a world of peace, harmony and joy for ourselves. From that perspective, the choice is kind of a no-brainer, right?

TIP: We were all born with a fully-functioning sixth sense. For most of us it got shut down early on by being told that what we “saw” and “heard” was “just your imagination.” If you set your intention to reconnect with, and fully develop, your sixth sense, you will be led to exactly the avenues most suited to you to become fully conscious at the 4th and 5th dimensional levels.

P.S. Conscious co-creation generally produces more pleasant results than unconscious co-creation. As they say, if you don’t claim what you want for yourself, the Universe will serve you leftovers. Ugh!

If you’d like support on your journey into 4th and 5th dimensional living, be sure to join us on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s Oasis in the Midst of Chaos gatherings at my home in Lodi. Go here for more details.

I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life. Are you getting sick and tired of suffering from anxiety and uncertainty about what is going to happen in your life? What have you tried that has helped relieve the suffering? What have you tried that hasn’t worked?  Click on the comments link below to leave your thoughts, or send me an email:

This newsletter is published on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. I’ll “see” you in our next newsletter July 13th.

Love and light,

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Making the Leap into 4th Dimensional Reality

February 9th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Mass consciousness has been stuck in three dimensional reality for centuries. It was easy to manipulate us with fear (of going to hell, mostly) in order to hijack our willingness to do as we were told by those in authority, be it church, state, culture, or what have you. Our desire to avoid punishment and to secure reward was enough to get us to follow the rules.

But something happened in the 1960s . . . a whole generation of young people woke up and decided to question conventional wisdom.  It was common to see “Question Authority” bumper stickers on their flower-power decorated VW buses.

Then in the 1970s Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem raised the consciousness of women, encouraging them to throw off their subservient role and demand equality. Since then we’ve had 40 years of women developing their masculine side in order to compete in the workplace.

No question there is a new paradigm emerging. The question is . . . will mass consciousness make the leap out of the limits of three dimensional reality that has as its only navigational tools that which the five senses can detect and the rational mind can understand?

Or will the masses be willing to explore the fourth dimensional reality that encompasses the wisdom of the heart, and the knowings of a fully functioning sixth sense?

I think the answer is some will, and some won’t.

It takes courage to suspend the belief in the superiority of the rational mind, while doing what it takes to ignite and develop your sixth sense. It was definitely risky for me twenty years ago to practice following my heart to see where it would lead me. In fact, when faced with a decision that had important consequences I would revert back to relying on my ability to figure things out, not trusting my heart and soul to have input.

It has taken most of these past twenty years for me to ignite, develop and then integrate my sixth sense with my already well-developed five senses, while also creating a harmonious relationship between my head and my heart.

I believe that humanity has been led to this very moment in time when many of us have enough consciousness to make a leap into becoming conscious co-creators with life.

When we have integrated all our senses, and trust our own inner wisdom above any self-appointed outside authority it will be very difficult for those wishing to manipulate us to do so.

So it is no surprise that those who have enjoyed the privileged authority positions are not going to give up without a fight. Their weapon of choice will be as it has always been . . . fear.

Only instead of fear of being burned at the stake, or having one’s head chopped off, it will be fear of terrorists, or losing your job, or your house, or home invasions, or whatever they can come up with to keep you terrified and unable to think clearly.

So for each individual it all boils down to whether one is going to make a leap of faith in the direction of evolution and listen to their own inner-guidance, or be paralyzed with fear and “play it safe,” demanding that “they” (government, corporations, etc.) do something to make their life work.

For months now, my guides have been telling us at our Wednesday night gatherings that the cosmic energies raining down on the planet are dispersing people into their energetically vibratory matching groups. Those who cling to third dimensional reality, that which is limited to what the five senses can detect and the rational mind can understand, and who look outside of themselves for guidance and direction, (think dogmatic religion) will come together in groups.

Those who are willing to do the work to expand their consciousness to include fourth dimensional reality will also come together in groups. The difference is their focus will be on consciously creating communities of people who embrace diversity and intend to live cooperatively. They are influenced by messages of unconditional love, sharing and caring for each other and the planet.

BOTTOM LINE: We are in a time of extremely rapid change. Life as we have known it is all but over. We are on the threshold of a new beginning that offers the opportunity to create heaven on earth for ourselves. It is our choice how we progress through this transition time. If we choose fear, we will create what we are most afraid of. However, we do have the choice to disengage from the fear-based culture and connect with like-hearted conscious co-creators and create a world of peace, harmony and joy for ourselves.  From that perspective, the choice is kind of a no-brainer, right?

TIP: We were all born with a fully functioning sixth sense. For most of us it got shut down early on by being told that what we “saw” and what we “heard” was “just your imagination.” If you set your intention to reconnect with, and develop, your sixth sense, you will be led to exactly the avenues most suited to you to become fully conscious at a fourth dimensional level.

P.S. We will be doing some exercises to strengthen your sixth sense at our 3rd Annual Spring Retreat coming up on Saturday, March 5th. It will be a day to retreat, regroup, replenish, and to gather the strength to take a stand for yourself in ditching old duties, obligations and commitments that bog down your heart’s desire and soul’s journey. This is a day that will go a long way to maximizing your JOY and minimizing struggle in your daily life.

P.P.S. I’d love to hear what’s going on in your life. Are you getting sick and tired of suffering from anxiety and uncertainty about what is going to happen in your life? What have you tried that has helped to relieve the suffering? What have you tried that hasn’t worked?  Leave your comments below. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Love and light,
Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Your Consciousness Coach!

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Change can be messy . . . just ask a caterpillar!

January 27th, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

When my spirit guide told me 2011 would be a Year of Clearing accompanied by rapid change, I had no idea what to expect.

Right now I’m sorta feeling like a caterpillar whose spirit guide told her this was the year she’d become a butterfly, but neglected to mention this metamorphoses included the complete disintegration of her caterpillar self into a soupy mush from which her butterfly self would be constructed.

Whoa, baby! Only two weeks ago I’d laid out the new direction I was taking . . . all nice and neat like. Ahhhh . . . it felt really good to have clear direction and plenty of “steam” to carry it out.

Well, you know that joke . . . if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Half the logistical stuff I planned is already out the window, and new stuff is emerging!

The big shift for me is to change how I talk about what I do. For the past twenty years I have referred to it as “spiritual growth.” It has been really hard to answer the question “so what do you do” which is why I had not been out in the public arena much.

But that all changed when I had my own consciousness expansion moment at the end of December and realized “spiritual growth” was really nothing more than becoming consciously aware of the reality beyond what our five senses can detect, and learning how to “go with the flow.” (Which is easier said than done, I might add! That old ego is in no hurry to give up control.)

Since then I’m being regularly “downloaded” with ideas of how to take spiritual principles and concepts and wrap them in words that ordinary people like myself can understand. Because if you know my story, I was born with no discernable “psychic gifts” and was a trial for my first mentor, Judy Reis, who would get so exasperated when I’d tell her I didn’t sense anything.

But then, she was not an ordinary person like me, so it was easy for her to see and sense the “unseen.”

I know firsthand what it is like to work at developing your sixth sense when sometimes you are not even sure it exists. When I complained to my guide that it was really hard to put spiritual experiences into words, he  agreed, and then told me that is why I’ve been asked to do it, because I had the capacity to do it, if I would just apply myself.

Alrighty, then . . .

It really made me chuckle when I “got” the analogy that this evolutionary leap humanity is making could be likened to how we upgrade to a more fully featured computer program when we have more powerful computers that can run them! That analogy broke open a whole new world of ways to talk about what I do in ways that “spiritual growth” just didn’t convey.

Here’s the gist of it, so far.

Humanity is evolving out of the old paradigm of three dimensional reality that is limited to what the five senses can detect and the rational mind can understand. We are evolving into the new paradigm that includes conscious awareness of the subtle energies that are invisible to the five senses, but detectable with a fully functioning sixth sense.

So now when people ask what I do I can say “I help people upgrade their personal operating system from 3D to 4D so they can experience more Joy and less struggle in their daily lives.”

Well, it is a start.

I’ll end here because I gotta get back to work translating “spiritual growth” words into “developing a fully functioning sixth sense” words on my Spiritual Growth Community website. You see, one of my plans was to create a whole new website called Becoming Conscious and just start fresh.

Not gonna happen.

I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say, this Spiritual Growth Community website “caterpillar” is going to have to tolerate the messy change process for a while ‘til the Becoming Conscious website “butterfly” is ready to emerge!

BOTTOM LINE: Just as everyone gets wet when the rain falls on them, no one will be untouched by the changes that are upon us. Staying flexible, being willing to change direction at a moments notice, stepping up your meditation practice (or starting one if you don’t have one) to stay connected with guidance is imperative if you want to “surf the chaos and navigate the flow(sm)” of this big shift with more Joy and less struggle.

TIP: All my upcoming classes and events will be focused on developing a fully functioning sixth sense. We will still have plenty of the bliss moments to enjoy, but there will also be some serious education going on to get your sixth sense optimally operating. So stay tuned for new offerings . . . coming soon!

If you have any stories of change that is happening for you and how you are handling it, I’d love to for you to leave a comment below.

Love and light,


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Walking Through Illusion

January 2nd, 2011 by Jennifer Grainger

Walking Through Illusion, by Betsy Otter Thompson, is an inspiring book based on “conversations” the author had with Jesus in which she asked him questions about some of the people who shared his journey.

In the stories, Jesus is reminding us that “what goes around, comes around.”  Each chapter covers an individual topic like Acceptance, Approval, Betrayal and the like.

The chapters are inspiring and short, so this is a great bedside book for a quick read before going to sleep. It will to calm your mind and reconnect you with your heart, which so often can get  contracted in the hustle-bustle of the day.


Love and light,


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Guess What Happened on 10-10-10

October 12th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

Before I tell you what happened this past Sunday (10-10-10) let me tell you what led up to it the day before.

My older daughter, Kaydee, came to Lodi (from the Bay Area where she lives) to:

  1. get familiar with my sound/recording system she’ll be using for the first time as my co-presenter at the Fall Retreat this Saturday (October 16th).

  2. to trek out to Walnut Grove for an energy healing/psychic reading with Paula Phipps.

  3. to take me to lunch.

  4. to demonstrate her Divine Intercessor energy work on me.

We began with a few “check, check, check, 1,2,3,1,2,3,” iterations to get the sound level right, then Kaydee did a run-through of her “story” of how she first became aware of her healing gifts and psychic abilities.

To me, the most fascinating elements of her story are:

  1. her deep belief that the Universe loves her, has her best interest at heart, and that she will always be taken care of.

  2. and the high degree of sensitivity she has to subtle energies within her, in other people, and in her environment.

Most people think she learned this from me.

Not so.

I was dense as mud in the subtle energy detection department, and definitely believed in the superiority of my rational, logical mind over intuition to safely navigate life.

This began to change in 1989 while I was curiously exploring metaphysics and desperately trying to understand what exactly was the point of the Awakening Your Light Body class that my first mentor, Judy Reis has introduced me to (answer: to expand consciousness . . . took me ten years to figure that out!).

In the meantime Kaydee was deeply involved in fundamentalist Christianity and considered my interest in new age to be “the work of the devil.”

We couldn’t have been further apart, or so it seemed.

Yet our paths converged in the early 90s when Kaydee became disenchanted with religion and curious about what I was doing. She jumped right in and took the next light body class I taught. The amazing thing is that the light body work, which turned out to be my pathway to becoming aware of the sea of subtle energies in which we live, became for Kaydee, the pathway for her to consciously manage her sensitivity to subtle energies.

Ever since, I’ve been an admirer and spectator of her amazing life journey. For that last 20 plus years I’ve watched her climb the Silicon Valley corporate ladder from Administrative Assistant to Senior Manager, while simultaneously walking in both the material and spiritual worlds.

Quite a feat, indeed!

So . . . back to Saturday’s tale. On our drive back to Lodi Kaydee shared her experience of the session with Paula saying she felt reborn, ready to take on whatever changes were in store as she navigated the journey ahead of her . . . transitioning out of the corporate world and into “right livelihood” as the Divine Intercessor, helping people reconnect to Source when life threw them a curve and they felt abandoned by God, or alone in the Universe.

She treated me to lunch at Crush Kitchen in downtown Lodi (yum, yum), then stopped in to do an energy session on me before heading back home. I could feel the energy coursing through me as she directed light through my systems to unblock barriers to abundance, and connected my heart to the heart of my romantic partner that is on his way as soon as we are both ready.

This was a milestone marker of how we had both grown in our abilities . . . her ability to manage and direct energy, and my ability to sense it.

The next day, Sunday (10-10-10), I was alert and receptive to inspiration and guidance. I did my usual morning meditations and energy work and got on about my day. It wasn’t long before the first life changing insight smacked me right between the eyes, so to speak.

It was a bitter/sweet experience, to see so clearly how for the last three years I’ve been holding a thought associated with finances that was a huge block to prosperity. After a few moments of lamenting “what an idiot, I should have known better” I set about creating a ceremony to dissolve that thought form and replace it with a more enlightened one.

Soon after that I “saw” another barrier to success that was so obvious I didn’t see how I could have missed it. But then, this was 10-10-10 . . . exactly what was to be expected . . . to see things in a new way . . . right?!

Of course I’ll never know how much of this enlightenment was the result of the energetic opening of 10-10-10, and how much was the result of Kaydee’s energy work on me. What I do know is the results have already been life changing.

So here’s the kicker to this story.

Kaydee called me Sunday afternoon to tell me that she and Mike were in a car accident on their way home from dinner Saturday night! Fortunately they were not seriously injured.

How could this have happened when she was so aligned physically, emotionally and mentally with her purpose and mission in life? And after just having an energy clearing and rebalancing with Paula?

“My belief system in under attack,” Kaydee said, acknowledging how challenging it is to see the Universe as a friendly place that has our best interest at heart when faced with an apparently negative experience.

She was surprised that neither Paula nor she had any clue this was coming. “There must be a reason this was hidden from me,” she said and then went on to share what guidance did come through to handle the aftermath.

“I called Diana, my Matrix Energetic sponsor and she did a Time Travel process, going back in time three hours before the accident and restoring my body to the condition of that time. She also told me to get in the hot tub to keep my muscles from tightening up.”

Later that night I got an email from Kaydee describing the perspective she was taking on the accident. “The accident was a representation of rebirth because that’s what I did yesterday at Paula’s . . . I was reborn. Being in the hot tub was like being in amniotic fluid. I know the order of birthing is out of order . . like the accident representing the pain of birth and then being in the amniotic fluid in the womb after the birth, but it was merely metaphoric. It has only served to deepen my beliefs and provided me an opportunity to practice when things don’t go well, how do I respond.”

I am so proud of Kaydee. I am learning so much from her. So the next time I do something spiritually amazing, you can attribute it to all I have learned from her!

BOTTOM LINE: It is not what happens to us, but the meaning we make of it that determines our experience of life. And the meaning we make springs from the beliefs we have about how life works. And our free will allows us to believe anything we want.

TIP: Consider this: there is no absolutely, sure-fire way to prove the validity of any belief about how life works. Even for those who consider the Bible the “final word,” the truth is that there are so many contradictions in the Bible that it comes down to however you want to interpret it (or have it interpreted for you). Since you are free to believe anything you want, why not choose a belief that makes you feel GOOD . . . like the Universe loves you, has your best interest at heart, and everything that happens is for your highest good to bring you to the realization of who you truly are . . . a beautiful, spiritual being of light that possesses powers beyond the wildest dreams of your ego/personality self?!

P.S. Even though the Early Bird Special expired yesterday for the Fall Retreat, if you call me before 10 am tomorrow, Thursday, October 14th, and if there is still a seat available, you can take advantage of the Early Bird Special and save $28 off the $125 fee and register at the $97 rate.

This retreat is going to blow the lid off of limitations to abundance, barriers to having a loving relationship, and obstacles to connecting with your life purpose! I can feel it!

So. What are your beliefs about how the Universe works? Are your beliefs founded on faith or fear? How did you come to accept your version of “how life is?” Who told you, or what experiences have you had that have formed your opinions. I’d love to hear from you! Please leave your comments in the box below.

Love and light,


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Spirituality, Sexuality and Sensuality

July 28th, 2010 by Jennifer Grainger

You know, having been married most of my life, entering the 21st century dating scene four years ago when I became single was daunting to say the least. Traditional dating that I grew up with, going out with someone who I’d pre-qualified as marriage material to assess their suitability, has apparently become “so last century.” Or perhaps that’s just the case for women “of a certain age,” many of whom have no interest in getting married again, anyway.  Maybe modern dating is still centered around mate selection for the twentysomethings and thirtysomethings!

In any case, you could say that “clueless” pretty much summed up my dating acumen!

The Universe always provides what I need as I need it, so I didn’t stay clueless for long. Sex and the Seasoned Woman: Pursuing the Passionate Life, by Gail Sheehy quickly found its way to me. This was the beginning of opening my mind to viewing sex outside the framework of church-dictated values.

In my first year of singlehood I relished my weekly calls with Georgia Dow, spiritual counselor extra ordinaire as she deftly captured my unconscious beliefs around sexuality, and, metaphorically speaking, pinned them to a board for me to thoroughly examine.

She did this with questions like, “Who says so? How do you know that is true? According to whom?” when I would state a rule I had adopted as “right” (the breaking of which would be “wrong”) .

With Georgia’s patient guidance I slowly began to think for myself and gain confidence in exploring what worked for me and what didn’t.

In this four year process of diligently deconstructing the moralistic, Victorian values I grew up with, I’ve had to come to terms with being a spiritual teacher, and a woman of a certain age, who is sexually active outside of traditional marriage.

In the deconstruction process I have had the good fortune to connect with elements of our society that believe that pleasure is actually good for you . . . and the people around you!

I’ll drink to that! (and sing, and dance and eat good food, and laugh, and love and anything else that comes my way that brings me pleasure and causes no harm.)

I love the phrase “responsible hedonist” that I learned from the pleasure mavens at Lafayette Morehouse intentional community. It gave me plenty of new information to ponder and integrate.

I’ll save the details for my next book, but you can trust me when I say, not only have I learned a lot about modern dating,  I have had a lot of time to contemplate the sexual “morality” I grew up with.

This led to wondering how pleasure got such a bad reputation.

Here is my best guess based on the little I know about pre-Christian (that would be Pagan) life. These pre-organized-religion folks lived lives inextricably entwined with nature. Rites, festivals, and ceremonies abounded in which sex was a major activity . . . an integral part of nature’s reproductive process.

By and by, along came Patriarchy with its organized religion and property-rights concepts whose destiny it appears to have been to obliterate these enjoyable practices. Sex morphed from natural and enjoyable to sinful and wrong outside of an imposed rigid framework of rules.


Thankfully the ‘60s Flower Children came on the scene. Woodstock happened . . . and the rest is history!

I’m intrigued by the number of women in their 30s who have shared with me their deep questioning of the cultural values of sensuality and sexuality, monogamy and  heterosexuality. They seem to be asking the same questions of “who says so?” and “what makes (fill in the blank) wrong?”

I’m also amazed at their integrity in honoring their bodies needs above their husband’s desires, making obligatory, marital sexual intercourse “so last century,” too.

I am also intrigued by the growing diversity of living arrangements and relationship arrangements that people are creating to meet their needs better than what tradition has offered. Polyamory, for example, which means having non-exclusive intimate relationships within a group of three or more people with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.

While this appears to be a really far-out idea, it is really not so far from actual practice of a large percentage of our population who already engage in multiple intimate relationships (just think infidelity). The difference is it is done in secret, as opposed to everyone involved knowing each other, and knowing that it is going on, and being in agreement with it.

As I stated in my February 12, 2010 blog post No More Secrets! 2010 has become the year when the light is penetrating the shadows, and that which has been secret is coming into the light. This is certainly proving to be true, much to the chagrin of some politicians! For us to “own” behaviors previously kept secret is right in line with the evolutionary trend towards transparency.

How all this will play out, I certainly do not know. All I do know is that I am being called to take a stand to re-integrate spirituality, sexuality and sensuality. Healing the rift between “the Church” and sex is a big part of this next phase of human evolution. A person operating from a state of expanded consciousness, that has integrated thought with feelings and emotions, has the capacity to be in charge of their sexual energy in ways that can benefit the highest good of all involved. No outside authority needed, thank you very much!

BOTTOM LINE: It appears that humanity is evolving beyond the old paradigm of right/wrong thinking into one based on the recognition of the oneness of life.

New values are emerging:

• appreciating diversity

• co-creation rather than domination (of nature and each other)

• living in the flow of life-force energy rather than by the clock

A wider diversity of acceptable behaviors is emerging in all areas of life, including the expression of our sexuality. New ways of relating will require new relationship skills. Handling emotions of jealousy, and possessiveness, developing enlightened communication styles and living an impeccably honest and transparent life will be prerequisites to navigating the changes on the horizon.

TIP: The days of Privacy and Secrets are rapidly coming to an end. Capturing “private” conversations as they travel cyberspace is an everyday occurrence. With photos and videos taken with cell phones, special glasses that can let you “see” in the dark, surveillance cameras everywhere, and the ability to broadcast tweets to unlimited numbers of people instantly . . . there is very little room to hide. The key to success in the new paradigm is to live your life with integrity, honesty and transparency. To do otherwise will surely prove regrettable.

P.S. The sooner you claim your right to living a pleasurable life and extinguish remnants of old paradigm guilt, the more you make the way for others to do the same. Imagine a world of pleasure-filled people . . . might be hard to drum up interest in going to war, doncha’ think?!

P.P.S. The diva of pleasurable living is Regena Thomashauer, a.k.a. Mama Gena. Her book Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts: Using the Power of Pleasure to Have Your Way with the World makes a great case for living pleasurably in all areas of your life.

I know this has been a provocative article, indeed. I’d love to hear your comments and opinions. Have you been questioning the values around sex and pleasure that you were raised with? Have you changed some of those values? How supported do you feel in living out your values?

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